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Drippy Sims V3

4,174 Downloads 135 Thanks  Thanks 61 Favourited 23,199 Views
Uploaded: 10th Dec 2018 at 6:06 PM
Updated: 25th May 2020 at 10:23 AM
Update May 25, 2020
This mod quietly stopped working at some point. Fixed it!

Update March 10, 2019
I've added Version 2 of this mod which will reduce the drippyness. On public lots and at parties, drippy sims would spend most of their time mopping up puddles! I meant for this to be a bit of an annoying mod, but that was too annoying
  • V2 reduces the overall amount of puddles produced when a sim is wet.
  • Almost any rug in the game will now 'absorb' some of the wetness of a nearby sim, reducing the chance of puddles forming. Be sure to put out a rug or a mat down on those public venues!

By default, sims of all ages and pets have a hidden value called wetness that fills up if they are caught out in the rain. It doesn't do much other than give them an uncomfortable moodlet, or nothing at all. Sims will dry out after 3 hours, when changing clothes, or sitting by the fire. There's a 5% chance they will make a puddle on their own.

This small mod makes sims and pets that are caught in the rain form puddles at their feet when they come back indoors until they dry off in 1 hour. The wetness that was on their clothes or fur is now an annoying mess to clean up!

This mod will conflict with any mod that overrides the following commodities and tunings
commodity_Rain_Sim_Wetness 183350
commodity_Rain_Pet_Wetness 186244
object_rug 14958