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CWC Education Books Recolours

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Uploaded: 21st Dec 2018 at 7:21 AM
Updated: 16th Jun 2019 at 11:22 AM
One more upload for #themeBackToSchool! One more post to type up with my fancy broken arm. Not exactly the worst obstacle in human history, so I think imma be okay. Onward with the recolours! ^_^

I recently posted a set of default replacements for Books First for Learning: A Bookshelf of Education, that swanky, Zoolander-y bookshelf that came with Seasons as the Education Career Reward. Those replacements offer a choice of gold, silver, or tarnished bronze. The CWC (Custom Wood Collection) recolours I'm posting today come in the same finishes, as well as a plain set without the metal trim. Files are clearly named so you can pick the best ones to match your default of choice, and they have been Compressorized.

The first picture shows the 16 CWC woods with gold trim to match the gold default replacement I made. The plain wood is pictured on the original object, no default replacement installed. There's silver trim with the silver replacement and likewise the tarnished bronze. After that there are various recolours shown applied to dharden's stand-alone replacement for this bookshelf that uses Michelle's Bookshelf of Education mesh. Lastly, per dharden's request, I've also included my original default replacement images as non-default recolours. Clear as mud? Fantastic.

Thanks for having a look -- I hope you and your sims enjoy these!

Additional Credits:
So many thanks to Numenor, Quaxi, RGiles, and everyone who contributed to CEP and SimPE! Thanks also to Sophie-David for the Buyable Rewards that made taking these pics so very much easier.