Panties from Trapping's 2019 strappy heels, as underwear

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Uploaded: 15th Feb 2019 at 11:00 PM
When Trapping made some "pantless" high heels as part of her 2019 Founder's Day gift at GoS, she added "new cute underwear (that no one will see XD)." When I recolored these panties along with recoloring the shoes, I decided to see how they'd work as underwear. The answer turned out to be "rather well."

This set uses Trapping's original textures (black, red, and what looks like a dark pink), the recolors I made when recoloring the shoes, plus a few extra recolors that I made for it. I decided to pair the panties with the bras from RentedSpace's 3t2 conversions of the TS3 base game underwear. For most of the outfits, I recolored the bras to match the panties, but the black and red bras use RentedSpace's textures, while the beige and blue bras use tweaked versions of her cream and blue textures. (The beige textures are ones I originally used here.) The files are tooltipped, and resources are compressed.

The outfits are available as Underwear for AF, TF, and EF. There are two rar files, one for the AF and TF packages, and one for the EF packages. The teen packages pull their textures from the adult packages, so a teen recolor will not appear properly unless the matching adult recolor is installed.

Custom content in pictures:
Replacement meshes for TF, AF, and EF by CatofEvilGenius.
Default skins by Leh.
Default and custom eyes by Lyran (Wayback Machine link). Custom eyes geneticized and townified by Elddie.

Additional Credits:
Trapping/Lina for the original textures for the panties.
EA, for the bras' original TS3 textures
RentedSpace, for converting them for TS2, and including PSD files.

Frank Blumenberg and Tao Yue, for the plugin that lets Paint.NET read PSD files.