Ambitious Additions

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Welcome to a collection of lots based on the EP Ambitions. These are a set of three small lots that will bring ambition to your town. Built for the Mentoring4Builders World- Petlandia Village, they can, of course, be placed in any world. Petlandia Village requires only the Pets EP, and this collection adds Ambitions lots to the world. They require only the Ambitions EP. NO CC

If you roar like a lion, but have hair like a rat's nest- this is your place. Our top stylists will give you a makeover that will change your life, guaranteed. If INK is your thing, we've got you covered.
{Lot size 15 X 10}

downstairs- tattoo chair, waiting room and restroom

upstairs- makeover station and hair styling

outdoor deck with table and bench

Faster than a speeding llama, more powerful than your grandma's scrubbing, able to remove set in stains in a single wash.....-it's Dirtbuster. Yes, Dirtbuster, a laundromat with powerful laundering abilities far beyond those of mortal sims. Dirtbuster Laundromat can erase the stench of mighty odors, dry clothes in record time, and disguised as an unassuming red and white barn in Petlandia Village, fights a never ending battle against dirt, grime, and animal dander.
{Lot size 10 X 10}

A humble, community run industrial and visual arts center, where you can peruse what local artists are working on, or roll up your sleeves and make some art of your own.
{Lot size 30 X 20}

main building- gallery and cafe
consignment register, restroom

upper level- drafting table and easels

middle building- sculpting stations
restroom with shower (in case of self combustion )

end building- metal works inventing stations

around the back- junk pile, time machine (use with caution!)


ATTENTION: These lots are LIBRARY FILES, not sims3packs. Do not install it through the launcher. Do not place it in your mods folder. Navigate to Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 3> library. Place it in your LIBRARY folder.

*Coming soon to complete the Ambitions set- Petlandia Village Fire Station

Petlandia Village is available here:

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Special thanks to SimmyRN for her fabulous world Petlandia Village and to new member fascisthater for the fun and fab Dirt Busters and to Crowkeeper for the new thumbnail

Many thanks to these builders of Mentoring4Builders, for their amazing talent, help and support: attuned, Crowkeeper, cutsocks, fascisthater, Johnny_Bravo, Norn and SimmyRN

Lot Size: 15x10/10x10/30x20
Lot Price (furnished): 25883/15641/69154
Lot Price (unfurnished): 12857/10370/35742

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