SV Plaza Mini Mall: Laundromat and Travel Agency

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Uploaded: 3rd Jul 2010 at 3:09 AM
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SV Plaza Mini Mall is a small community lot with a functioning laundromat and mostly decorative travel agent office. (There are two computers in the travel office that Sims can use, including having the 'Travel' option, but other than that it certainly doesn't work like a real life travel agent)
Laundromat has 8 washers and eight driers, plus a small bathroom.
Three parking spots in the parking lot.
Travel Agency has two computer desks your Sims can use to entertain themselves while they wait for the washing to be done.
Lot is playtested.

I built this lot specifically for my Sunset Valley. I placed it in the small area across from the Doo Peas corporate office, as shown in photo. To place it there, go to Edit World mode, remove a few trees from the area and place a 20x15 lot. Categorize the lot for 'Community' and 'Laundromat', then place this lot on that space in Edit Town mode.

Custom Content Not Included:

by Flabaliki:
Half Walls

By Rudrakali:
WA Vacation Travel Ads

By Purplepaws:
TS2 BV Souvenirs

By JaneSamborski:
Mass Transit Subway Tiles pattern

by bocboc256:
Simlish Laundry Posters

by Huge Lunatic:
International Windows Counter Height

Lot size is 20x15

Furnished: 63,580
Unfurnished: 24,879

Lot Size: 2x1
Lot Price: 63,580