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Wolfson Station

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Uploaded: 4th Jan 2020 at 5:56 PM

Wolfson Station

Wolfson's Hospital and Research Station has been converted into a Fire Station for Petlandia Village. A third building was added to house the fire truck. It still has the Science Center and Hospital Rabbit Holes in the basement. The first floor of the front/entrance building features a common area for the fire fighters with kitchen, dining, and living room areas as well as the stairways to the basement (RH) level. The first floor of the back building has the fire station office and reception/recreation area. A skills and activity center is located on the second floor of the front/entrance building. The second floor of the back building is the fire fighters' barracks. Outdoors is a BBQ, garden, water tower, and fishing pond. Base game and Ambitions items only, no CC.

If you have Petlandia Village (and if you don't click here) you can use this lot to replace the current lot at 22 Whoof Lane, which will give you a combination hospital, science center and fire station.

If you want a fire station only, you can delete the two rabbit holes (hospital and science center) in the basement by entering the cheat codes: testingcheatsenabled true and then moveobjects on. This will allow you to delete one or both rabbit holes, and will leave an unfurnished basement to finish as you want.

Known Issue
Sims come and go from the Rabbit Holes without any problem while fire fighters pursue their profession. The only known issue is that it is necessary to go to the lot to join the fire fighter profession. There isn't an option to join the fire fighter profession on the "pie" menu when the lot is clicked on in Town view, because only the Science and Hospital map tags are shown. Of course, sims can also join the fire fighter career from a computer, as always. Science and Hospital rabbit holes work as usual. If you remove the rabbit holes from the basement, the game will now correctly list the Fire Station map tag. This is an issue with how EA coded map tags.

Price Unfurnished: 110,028
Price Furnished: 168,803

Lot Size: 40 X 40

Game Version 1.67

Lot Size: 40x40
Lot Price (furnished): 168,803
Lot Price (unfurnished): 110,028

Additional Credits:
Big thank you to Norn for the original lot and SimmyRN for the firestation makeover

Thank you to all members of Mentoring for Builders and contributors to this project