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20k Starter Home Businesses - 3 Types - No CC!

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Uploaded: 13th Jun 2019 at 5:07 AM
Updated: 1st Oct 2019 at 4:09 AM - search tag
Do your Sims have BIG ambitions but little budgets to fund those dreams?
Maybe they want the income of a successful business without all the travel to and from a community lot?
I might just have something you'd be interested in... Starter Home Businesses - Under 20k each

It goes without saying that I *might* like to build starter homes. I also enjoy home businesses, in that whole, "Gee, I don't have to leave my lot to own and run a business" kind of way. Here we have the combined fruit of that branch of thinking - THREE types of starter home businesses for entrepreneurial families on a budget. While they all share the same foundation layout, the interiors and exteriors are all completely different, except for the placement of the greenery and pond. The business side of the lot is all laid out the same - as it is bare, except for a couple counters, register and employee/customer bathroom. It's intentionally kept generic and empty so YOU can decide what business you want to open. (There is even a little "start-up fund" left in the back work space in the form of a genie's lamp.)

Without any more fanfare, here are the homes - there are 3 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 1 bedroom layouts.
Please see the Image Gallery to view the exteriors and interiors in more detail!

Starter Home Business - 3 Bedroom Layout - 19,990 Simoleons

Starter Home Business - 2 Bedroom Layout - 19,981 Simoleons

Starter Home Business - 1 Bedroom Layout - 19,997 Simoleons

Houses all come with:
  • 1 1/2 bathrooms (1 full bath for the home and 1 half bath for the business).
  • Fire alarm, burglar alarm, and phone for the home.
  • Bookcase and TV for fun and learning.
  • Starter kitchen with mini fridge and microwave.
  • Allotted space to start and run a home business - complete with sales floor, workshop/breakroom/storage, counters and register.
  • Minimal landscaping to keep the cost inside rather than outside!
  • ...and let's not forget those sweet, sweet "start-up funds" in the form of a genie's lamp.

No CC was used, but all EPs/SPs are installed.

Fun Fact:If you remove the flowers, tree and koi pond on the left hand side of the front lawn, there is space for a driveway.
I left the business side generic and unfurnished so that I can plop down multiple home businesses without having to be locked into a certain type.

There is a door connecting the backroom of the business to the kitchen of the home. I would suggest locking this door, to avoid customers winding up in your home. There is also a backdoor to lock, and one behind the register as well.

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): 19981 - 19997

Additional Credits:
Thank you:
HugeLunatic for the Buyable Game Objects

BIG THANKS to the Mentoring for Builders group for their roof and foundation help!
(Victor_tor, Johnny_Bravo, Norn, joandsarah77, simmer22)