Not Your Grandfather's Fire Station

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Uploaded: 27th Jun 2010 at 4:00 PM

This modern style fire station is inspired by the new Mar Vista Fire Station (in Mar Vista, CA). See photo of actual fire station HERE
Note that this is not a replica of that fire station, which is much larger, and built on a space that has street access on three sides with tons of parking bays on two sides. My goal was to build a modern style fire station, different from the usual red brick variety, on a 20x30 lot with front access only so it could easily fit into different neighborhoods, so I used the Mar Vista station as an inspiration rather than as a model to copy exactly.
This will look great in neighborhoods with lots of modern style architecture.

I tested this fire station in Sunset Valley. I placed it behind the art museum. (You need to place a 20x30 empty lot in the edit world mode, and flatten that space to place it, and zone it as a fire station. The space is almost flat so this lot drops in nicely. One small issue, the windows on the right side got weirdly displaced when I placed this lot in that space. But just going in build mode and grabbing each window and dropping it back into place fixed that.)

This fire station has two stories. The ground floor has the garage of course, with fire truck and two decorative vehicles, and an invention bench. Kitchen and dining area, recreation area, bathroom and showers, and an office. There is a small patio area in back with grill and picnic table.

The second floor has sleeping quarters, exercise equipment and a bathroom and shower.

All necessary equipment is installed: fire pole, fire truck and alarms. I tested the lot with a working fire person, and was able to maintain the truck and alarms, and slide down the pole. I was able to respond to emergencies just fine.
I didn't put any non-usable appliances in the kitchen, so it's just a fridge, sink and espresso, plus the grill on the patio, since you can't use stoves and microwaves even if they are there.

Lot size: 20x30

Furnished: 100,046
Unfurnished: 61,420

Custom Content used but not included:
All from MTS

By Flabiliki:
Half Walls

By tammy trauma:
Maxis roofs with white trim: Corrugated Roof

by Huge Lunatic:
Window Smindow: Counter Height

Also, I used Winterhart's mod to make cars buyable on community lots. I don't know if that is necessary for the two cars I used (not the fire truck) to show up or not.
Cars for Community Lots

This lot was built and photographed on Armiel's builder's neighborhood.

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: 100,046