Luminous Island Counter

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Uploaded: 22nd Feb 2020 at 8:16 PM
Some time ago I converted the Luminous Bar from TS4 and was happy for a while, until I noticed there wasn't a single counter to pair it up with that didn't look terrible. So naturally I had to make an island counter to match (terrible decision as counters are the actual worst.)

The Luminous Island Counter is - as it says on the tin - an island counter to match the aforementioned bar.

It has one fully recolorable preset and 8 others taken from the original TS4 recolors and made as an overlay.
2 channels; first preset fully recolorable, other 8 have the color/light up part non-recolorable and the black/dark part recolorable.

Has proper base, corner and different left and right pieces all in the same package.

I've uploaded both a S3pack and Package versions - install only one

The package version does the texture thing as you can see in the pic below. All you need to do however is just re-cast it and it's as good as new. This is the one I'm using as 1) after compressing it myself it's nearly half in size compared to the s3pack and 2) the Launcher is the root of all evil. In the end both work so it's up to your personal preference.

I've listed it as BG compatible even tho it's cloned from a SHT counter and (even more bizarrely) shows up with a LN icon in my game. It's been tested in a game without both of these EPs and it showed up fine. If you however find anything weird/missing, please let me know so I can update the requirements info accordingly.

Polygon Counts:
111 v; 63f

95 v; 45f

Additional Credits:
S3PE, Blender, Milkshape, TSRW, Photoshop, TS4