6 CC-Free Community Lots: Maple Creek Part 1

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Uploaded: 3rd May 2021 at 5:59 PM
Hi Guys! I thought I'd take a break from making subhoods and create a main neighborhood. (Of course, since I upload my neighborhoods by lot, you can to make this a downtown or shopping district if you want!) You can also download just 1 or 2 lots if you need a gym or library for one of your hoods!

Maple Creek is a suburban, well-to-do area with plenty of room for growing families. 

Nestled among the trees, the community of Maple Creek houses a bustling main street. There's something for everyone, from health snobs to bookworms. The bright, sunny climate invites sims to the pool for a dip, or on cooler days, a cup of coffee from Joe's.

As always, this hood contains NO CC. This set, the first part of the hood, includes 6 community Lots:
Coffee Shop
Grocery Store
Clothing Store

I recommend Lowedeus' skyboxes if you want your lots to look like mine do in the pictures and MoreAwesomeThanYou's skilling on community lots

if you want all that time at the library to mean something

Thank you so much for downloading and please leave me a comment if you enjoy!