Perma Gold Aspiration (updated 30 Dec '21)

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Uploaded: 23rd Dec 2021 at 4:03 PM
Updated: 1st Jan 2022 at 10:55 AM
With this mod, a Sim who has fulfilled their lifetime want or reached platinum lifetime aspiration has their aspiration bar boosted to the minimum gold level every hour in case it's green or red. Originally, it's boosted to the maximum platinum level every hour.

The notLTA version preserves the original behavior (boosting to the maximum platinum level) for Sims who have reached platinum lifetime aspiration. Use only one version at a time.

Update (30 Dec 2021): Low red aspiration no longer prevents the aspiration bar from being boosted. Additionally, this mod is now compatible with Mood Mod by simler90. See the conflicts section.
This mod requires at least one expansion or stuff pack. The notLTA version requires FreeTime, Apartment Life, or Mansion & Garden Stuff.

Note that this mod does not affect dialogs or memories regarding reaching a permanent platinum aspiration level.

Do not use this mod with:
  • Perma Gold by Dizzy. It's similar to this mod but it also prevents perma-gold Sims from keeping their aspiration level above gold for longer than an hour.
  • Fragile Permaplat by Cyjon.
Despite an indirect conflict, with caution, this mod can be used with:
  • LTA Platinum Fix by Cyjon. Be aware that it will make Sims who reached maximum lifetime aspiration have a platinum aspiration level no matter which version of this mod you use.
  • Slower LTA Gain by Cyjon. As above.
Despite a conflict, this mod can be used with but must load after:
Overriden resources
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DecayBehaviour Function0x424841560x7FF64E020x000010040x00000000
Function - Main - Update Perma PlatinumBehaviour Function0x424841560x7F01EC290x000025B90x00000000
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