Spring Hill Duplexes - Two Separate Lots

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What started as an experiment with the LotAdjuster has turned into my 100th MTS upload! I love the appearance of "connected" lots from the neighborhood view, but had never tried making them myself, and wanted to give it a shot. While I could've built these as one lot and zoned them as "apartments" (creating the allusion of multiple families living next to each other), I wanted to treat them as individual builds. Their footprints are similar, and are styled after similar duplexes that I've seen in parts of Pennsylvania, but each house was built with different occupants in mind. Details for both houses below.

The left house is intended for a settled couple, young or old. The original footprint is the same as its partner next door, but a small sunroom was added onto the back of the house and provides access to the backyard. The furnishings for this house are a little more expensive, and a little cozier. The bedroom and bathroom are upstairs, and there is an lightly furnishing basement that you can modify as you see fit. (Note: I wanted to add a walkout door to the backyard, but my playtesting sims thought that was the front door, since it was on the ground-level, and would ring that to visit or have their paper delivered. Oh well).

The right house is about $30,000 cheaper. I visualized it as a house for 2-3 recently graduated sims who can't afford to live on their own just yet. The furnishings are more youthful and cost-conscious, and the house feels a little older inside than its recently renovated counterpart. Upstairs there are two bedrooms, one with a single bed and some hobby objects, and one with a double bed. Both bedrooms share an off-suit bathroom. Another unfinished basement (that has hosted a party or two) and a backyard with a small garden complete the house. (Note: the kitchen photo makes it look like all counters are occupied and sims won't be able to prepare food. This is corrected in the upload file).

Both lots have been playtested and are fully functional (RIP walkout basement idea). They each contain a few pieces of custom content, but it is certainly not a deal breaker if you choose not to install all of it. Please see the below note from Crocobaura, creator of the Open Underneath Maxis Stairs that are included in both house (the staircases are stacked to save room): Open Underneath Maxis Stairs

"In order to make the stairs work in your game, you need to put the files 2008_CrocobauraChicModularStairs.txt; 2009_CrocobauraWoodenModularStairs.txt; 2010_CrocobauraSteadfastModularStairs.txt in your Scriptorium_ModularStairs folder if you're using the Scriptorium or you need to copy the text inside each at the bottom of the modularstairs.txt file from this path:
C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Catalog\Scripts"

Custom Content Shown But Not Included
-Roof Trim Defaults (Gray with white trim shown) by Phaenoah. Available at ModTheSims

Extra special thanks to Mootilda for the LotAdjuster tool, which made these side-by-side houses possible. And to the creators of all the wonderful CC.