Sapphiria Shores - CC Free and Populated Neighborhood

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Uploaded: 8th Sep 2022 at 11:15 AM
Updated: 24th Sep 2022 at 8:01 PM
Welcome to Sapphiria Shores!
Sapphiria Shores is a gorgeous beachside town, with 3 islands under the town banner. Many sims flock to the blue waters for vacation, and the residents take great pride in their home, but ever since the sudden arrival of Nelson Hyde and his 'family', residents have begun to be swayed by his charisma, leaving their families to join his.

Update 24/09/2022
The original file has been replaced with an updated .zip, which contains memory fixes, and some in game fixes (properly placed urns in the Von Barronsburg household, removed an object that was left behind in the Santiago household, etc).

An additional version of the hood has been added, which has been run through hoodchecker in addition to the above fixes, so this version has no invalid memories OR relationships (the first download still contains invalid relationships, but all valid memories). This is so that if you prefer to not run a hood through hoodchecker, you can use the original version, or if you prefer to run hoodchecker yourself, you can do so. Or if you would like the version that has already been cleaned, it is also available for download.

Sapphiria Shores is a populated, CC free, fully custom neighborhood and terrain. All sims have correct memories (Including dead sims, who are all resurrectable), have jobs, skills, relationships, and families where applicable. It uses the NID C108, and requires a camera mod to see the full hood in the map view. Each household has a description, family picture in the neighborhood story, and each sim has a bio.

There are 16 households and 46 living premade sims, plus their ancestors.

There are 42 lots, 4 being empty (plenty of space to add more if you need more), 18 residential, 5 apartments, 11 community lots, 1 sim owned business, and 2 public beaches.

Some of the premade sims



Recommended (optional) mods/cc
  • Visitor Controller (TwoJeffs) To prevent random sims from coming to the cult lot, or to prevent cult sims from appearing as walkbys/at community lots, I'd suggest using the visitor controller.
  • Any jealousy mod. Because Nelson Hyde has love flags set with several sims, who all live on the same lot, it is very likely someone will catch him "cheating" if you don't use a mod to either make these sims immune to jealousy, or set it to engaged or higher only.
  • A Skyline CC so the edge of the map isn't so harsh.