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The Begley - Affordable Sustainability

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Uploaded: 14th May 2024 at 2:06 AM
I feel like I need to redeem myself for the Cheap As Free duplex, so here's a better house!

Using the floorplan of a house I built in The Sims 1 several years ago, I decided to give it the Modern Monolith treatment, only on a smaller scale. Everything, from the carpet pads to the roofing slate is reclaimed. Even the furniture was made from upcycled bolts of last year's fabrics and framed from broken down old couches from the '70s, eschewing the extremely flame pro-tardant Polymascotfoamalate with natural cotton stuffing. Fire is somewhat unlikely, however, as a state-of-the-art rain-filled cistern feeds into the fire prevention systems.

Outside the house, you won't find a blade of grass anywhere on the property, as the front lawn has been replaced by natural mulch. The back garden is fully paved and lit with solar-powered lanterns, giving you an exceptional area for outdoor entertaining.

Finally, on top of the reclaimed roofing slate, the house boasts both solar and wind power, providing a steady stream of sustainable power for the most energy-hungry of residents.

There! Now we can forget all about that dingey old duplex from the '50s and move on to something more interesting and probably more functional as well.