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Uploaded 15th Apr 2006 at 11:12 PM

Title - Hamilton Estate
Category - Lots & Housing > Residential
Cost - $480.000
Custom Content - None
Requires - University, Nightlife, and Open For Business.


The Hamilton Estate is an enormous mansion featuring several bedrooms, bathrooms, a grand dining room, kitchen, library, swimming pool, and a breathtaking courtyard.
It is ideal for normal living but also makes a great set for story telling and movie making.

This house sells for around $480.000 but as shown in the pictures it is fully furnished with all the objects a sim would need to live a full and rich life. It can house up to 8 sims (assuming that each pair share a double bed) but is ideal for a family of 4-5.

I have left a space at the front of the estate for a driveway.
I hope you and one very lucky sim family can enjoy this household as much as I have.

Custom Content Details:
This lot contains no custom content or hacks of any kind with downloader interests in mind.

Other Notes:
As you can see this is a very large lot so it may not function well on slower computers.

- Large exterior picture of the estate.
- Floor Plan for ground floor, first floor, and roof. Also includes an exterior pic.
- Two exterior views, one of the grand staircases, and the pool area.
- Bedroom, landing above dining room, bathroom, and dining room.
- Exterior view, living room, library and kitchen.