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Mod – Sell Photographs at your Businesses for more than §2

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Uploaded: 22nd Jun 2006 at 2:18 AM
Updated: 23rd Jun 2006 at 6:35 PM
Most of you will have noticed that originally photographs taken by Uni’s camera could only be sold for around §2 simoleons.

This modification allows you to place pictures up for sale at around §50 simoleons.
I consider it to be a fair price due to the fact that photographs don’t cost anything to make, however price suggestions will be considered.

Edit: I have updated with two new versions. Average 100 (which sells at around 100 on the average setting), and Average 200.

Only install 1 version of this mod. If you wish to change the version, remove the first one before installing the new one. If more than one version is installed at the same time your game may crash. You have been warned.

Key Points:

> This mod should NOT affect existing photographs in your sims’ homes.

> This mod will not affect the price at which photographs sell via the build/buy mode determined by the photographer's creativity.

> All photographs are worth the same when placed ‘for sale’ regardless of the photographer’s creativity level.

> Photographs WILL maintain their image once they have been bought by a controllable sim.

> Like paintings, photographs can only be restocked by taking more. You cannot restock the same photograph.

> This hack only affects photographs taken by the Uni camera. It does not affect photos taken in the photobooth.

> As this mod replaces the original Maxis 'snapshot' file, any existing or new photographs from the uni camera can be sold. Even custom cameras cloned from the uni camera should work in conjunction with this modification.

This object is in testing. Only I have tested it so far, however there is a limit to the testing I can perform due to the fact that I have all of the Eps.
This object should work fine for anyone with Uni and OFB.

Selling Guide:

These are the price ranges at which the photographs can be sold:
(This price guide only covers the default 50 average version.)

Ridiculously Cheap = §35 -
Very Cheap = §36 - 46
Cheap = §47 - 51
Average = §52 - 55
Expensive = §56 – 67
Very Expensive = §68 - 89
Ridiculously Expensive = §90 +


Simply open the zip and place the .package file inside your ‘Downloads’ folder.


To my knowlege, I believe I am the first person to have created a hack like this. If a similar version of this hack already exists (with a post date earlier than this) please inform me as soon as possible.

If you have any comments, constructive criticisms, or questions, please reply to this topic or send me a PM. I’ll be happy to hear from you.

Mini Guide to Running a Photo Business

Running a photo shop is very flexible. You can simply take pictures of anything you want. Set up scenes and take pictures of customers before selling it to them. Take photos of absolutely anything you want and sell them off for cash. It's also possible to get images from your computer onto the photographs if you know the trick to it. I hope can enjoy this as much as I have.

Take care everyone...