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Testers Wanted:Body Building Protein Shakes (actually increase body skill)

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Uploaded: 23rd Apr 2005 at 12:42 AM
Updated: 23rd Apr 2005 at 9:00 PM
Name: ManiCo "Pro+" Protein Shake
Price: $25
Setting: General/Misc
Hack: + Body
Description: Protein shakes from ManiCo are packed with nutrients. The Protein Plus RTD has 22 essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C and E. Do you want protein? This shake is packed with 35 grams of the highest quality metamyosyn protein. If you are one that is always on the go, the Protein Plus RTD is great as a quick, easy, and convenient meal supplement. It contains all of the essential elements of a balanced meal.

Daily Consumption: A maximum of three cans a day is optimum for body skill gain. For optimum effects, use amongst a daily exercise routine.

Caution: Over-Consumption of this product may cause your sim to gain weight if a regular exercise routine is not established.

Note: It may appear as though the drink is doing nothing, but it does slowly increase body skill, it takes aproximately 3 cans to gain 1 body skill point. I intend to try and add a progress bar (Like you see on most skill objects, as soon as I find out how that is) to allow you to see what is happening.

Note 2: Protein Drinks can only take your sim so far...up to body level 9 currently. However, this may be subject to reduction to add realism.

I will attempt to get an in-game pic up as soon as possible, until then, I will show you the texture used on the can.
I hope you find this item useful, as well as a touch of realism to your game.