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Crafted pottery increases in value by 5% daily!

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Uploaded: 4th Dec 2009 at 3:52 AM
Updated: 4th Dec 2009 at 11:13 PM
I was quite shocked when I found that crafted pottery items are designed to decrease in value so I made a small adjustment to make the following pottery items increase in value by 5% every night at midnight.

The following items are affected, and each mod is separate, so you may choose to install some and not others if you so wish.

Perfectly Small Plate
Simple Vase
Tiny Tea Set
Handmade Clay Pot
Simsonian Clay Pitcher
Ginormous Jug

This mod gives sims incentives to hang on to their pottery and make/buy their own collections. This could be especially lucrative in legacy families where pottery items could increase in value as family heirlooms for many generations.

The 5% increase is fixed on the base value. This means that the increase on a $100 vase will always be $5 per night. If 5% of a value results in a decimal number (for example, 5% of 30 is 1.5) the value would be rounded down to the nearest whole number.

I realize that 5% is not particularly high, but it can add up surprisingly quickly, especially if you have a number of items. For example, if your sim was to buy 10 plates for $40 each, he would pay $400. If he keeps those plates for two weeks increasing by $2 every following night, he could sell the plates (in the catalog) for $680.

Because all of the items increase by 5%, obviously items with the most expensive base prices will increase in value more quickly. A $40 plate will increase by $2 per day, but a $120 pitcher will increase by $6 per day.

I am not a fan of cheat items, so I attempted to make the figure balanced and worthwhile having without being unfairly lucrative for your sims.

Updates in Version 2
  • Fixed an issue whereby all original recolours of the pottery items would be duplicated.
  • Included a black recolour for all pottery items. (pic coming soon)

Updates in Version 3
  • Added the Ginormous Jug, the gold badge pottery creation.

Please note that you may need to refresh your thumbnails for the re-colour to show up properly on the object creation panel.


OFB Business Note: Unfortunately, because of the way the game works, these increments are not reflected in the 'average' business sale value. However, any pottery made will increase in sale value to the catalog, even if it is sold or given away to other sims.


I hope that you find these mods a useful way to make pottery crafting a more lucrative business enterprise for your sims. Enjoy.