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UPDATED Testers Wanted: Computing/Hacking Career

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Uploaded: 19th Apr 2005 at 12:00 AM
Updated: 21st Sep 2005 at 10:05 PM - Update!!
I have fixed a variety of problems:
>A few grammar and spelling flaws in chance cards has been fixed.
>A few incorrect gender references have been fixed.
>Chance cards now give the correct amount of money after level 6, rather than giving millions too much.
>Some aspects of the career have been tweaked to make it slightly more fair.
>The updated version is now in zip format, which should please many downloaders.
>This career will now work for the 24 different language versions, though the writing will still be in English.

Please help me search for any more flaws, and more importantly, enjoy.

This career has 10 levels, all chance cards are complete, it has a custom GUID (Meaning it won't overwrite any of your other careers), a custom icon, and a custom reward object, but I won't tell you what that does.

This is the first career I have made...and it has taken me around 12-15 hours.

The Levels are as follows (I have posted a few descriptions, but left most of them so as not to spoil surprises.):

Computer Technician

Computer genius doesn't happen overnight, you find your work at schools and small companies, but you'll probably spend as much time making tea and light snacks for your superiors as much as looking at computer screens. Impress them with your tea making and your mechanical skills for fixing those nasty computer snags, and a promotion may be in store.

Computer Help Author

As grand as the title may sound, your sales are limited to computer nerds and illiterate Sims who need guidance to even recognize a computer. Expand your horizons by improving on your logic and creativity.

Network Administrator
Novice Hacker
Computer Programmer
Syntax Slave
Computing Guru
Hard-Disk Demi-God
Matrix Master

I hope everything works out for you in the testing, and I hope you enjoy it too.:D

Note: This career will currently only work for the 'English US or UK' versions. (Well...it will work, but the strings will appear to be from the athletics career)

I'd like to know ov any problems, be it spelling mistakes in descriptions, chance cards not doing what they said they would. etc etc. Just let me know if you see any problems. Suggestions would be welcomed also.

Note: Package files go into the 'Downloads' folder.