Dizzy2's Baby Sitter for OFB (EP3)

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Uploaded: 5th May 2006 at 2:51 AM
Updated: 20th Jan 2007 at 5:58 PM - incomatible with EP4
Warning: This mod does NOT work with the Pets expansion! Since I don't have the Pets expansion (and I didn't do the original work), if anyone has the skills, time, and inclination to try and get it working with Pets, then you have my thanks and my blessing.

This is simply an update to dizzy2's wonderful sitter service, to make it work under EP3. The original, which works with all other EPs except for OFB, can be found here.

Here's a brief summary of what this is: it replaces the nanny service (under phone "call/services") with a sitter service. You choose who the sitter is. When you make the call, a list of all available sims will be displayed, then you choose your sitter. The sitter immediately shows up on the lot, and is made selectable, so that you control them (unlike with the nanny). The sitter's icon is marked with the "at work" symbol. After their shift is over, they become unselectable and are just another visitor. There is a $50 set fee that you pay the sitter upon their arrival on the lot (although if the sitter is a playable sim, they don't get to keep the money when they go back home).

There are two versions of the original, and I only fixed the version that does not disable visits from the social worker.

Known Behavior
  • When a sitter is called, they will immediately show up on your lot. The sitter is selectable, and their icon shows that they are at work.
  • The sitter will stay on the lot for as long as all teen or older residents (we'll just call them "adults" from now on) of the lot are gone.
  • About one sim hour after any adult resident has returned, the sitter will become unselectable. They will now be a greeted guest, and will stay on the lot as long as it is before 2am and their needs are satisified. You can ask them to leave, etc.
  • If there is never a time when all adult residents have left the lot (for example, you called the sitter over to help out your harried sim take care of her 4 babies while everyone else is at work to make enough money to keep up the supply of milk) then the sitter will stay for several hours before their "shift" is over.
  • When the sitter's shift is over and they become unselectable, your family will be charged $50 for their services.
  • The nanny will show up in the list of available sitters. If you choose her, the normal nanny dialog will ask if you want her to come just for now or on your work schedule, but she will never come over.

Known Problems
  • Sometimes, the sitter will never become unselectable, and their "shift" will never end.
    Ways to get rid of a stuck sitter
    • use the "MoveObjects on" cheat, go into buy mode and delete the sitter. This will only delete them from the lot, not from the game.
    • make the sitter unselectable, using a mod such as INsiminator, Merola's mirror, etc., or using the testing cheats
    • use Inge Jones's teleporter bush to send them away from the lot
    • save the lot and exit (either the game or to the neighborhood), when you return to this lot, the sitter will be gone
  • If the sitter is on the lot at 6pm, they will age. This has always been a problem with this mod. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this, please PM me with it.
  • You cannot direct the sitter to feed a baby or toddler, but the sitter can autonomously feed them. This means that you will need a regular refrigerator and free will turned on for the lot.

Possible (unknown) Issues
  • The sitter becomes a contollable sim while "on duty". I'm not sure what will happen if you already have the max number of residents on the lot when you call the sim.
  • Since this mod effects the social worker code, it will most likely conflict with any other mode which modifies the social worker.