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3 Budget Lane, Starter Home with Pool - $18,186

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Uploaded: 10th May 2006 at 10:42 PM
Updated: 11th May 2006 at 8:54 PM
Hi everyone

I thought it was about time that I uploaded another house, so here we are!

3 Budget Lane is single storey starter home built on a 2x2 lot; it costs a very reasonable $18,186. The house has a drive for a car and, as with all my starter homes, comes complete with a pool (I decided to deviate from my usual boring rectangle ) including both a diving board and the essential pool ladder.

The house is partially furnished and has counters, a sink, a fridge, a cooker, a table and chairs in the kitchen/dining area, and a sofa, coffee table, TV and stereo in the living area.

The bathroom is fully furnished with a toilet (expensive one), bath/shower, sink and mirror. The house also features a phone, burglar alarm and smoke detector.

There are also two unfurnished bedrooms, both with room for a double bed.

I have all the expansions and you will need them too for the lot to work in your game.

The lot has no custom content and is totally hack free!

Comments are very welcome, and if you like the house please don’t forget to say thanks