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16 Peach Street - Starter Home with Swimming Pool - $18,779

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Uploaded: 7th Jul 2006 at 10:25 AM
LOT NAME: 16 Peach Street
PRICE: $18,779
CUSTOM CONTENT: 5 floors and one wall covering by myself (included)


A nice little starter home in peach, which comes complete with two unfurnished double bedrooms, one furnished bathroom (includes bath/shower combo, expensive toilet, sink and mirror) which can be accessed from either bedroom or the main part of the house, a furnished kitchen (oven, sink, counters, fridge, smoke alarm, dining table and chairs included), and a partially furnished living area (sofa, coffee table, TV and stereo included). I’ve also included a wall phone and burglar alarm.

There's also a swimming pool at the back of the house, which includes pool lights, a diving board and a pool ladder. I've left plenty of room to add a hot tub.

Last, but not least, I've also included a driveway.

I have all the expansions and you will need them too for the lot to work in your game.

The lot is totally hack free!

Comments are very welcome, and if you download the house, or just like it, please don’t forget to say thanks