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Bella Terra

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Uploaded: 21st Aug 2006 at 12:01 AM
Updated: 21st Aug 2006 at 10:44 AM
I bring you, yet again, another gaudy and overblown estate! This particular house and its grounds are reminiscent of a 1930s era Tuscan estate, sans the Tuscany. As always, it comes unfurnished but with a capacity to please even the snobbiest of sim society! It sits on a 5x5 lot and carries a pocket-change worthy price tag of 267,747 simoleans. (^__^)V

_____ _ _____ _ _____

Custom content included in the file:
-Wooden door La Classica by Temptress
-Rendered stone & Plasterwood in Clay, Peach walls from HolySimoly
-Stone garden bench (+recolor) by Boblishman
-Caesar's Ghost Paneling, Raw Cement & Salmon Stucco walls by KHLVH
-Daisies from Bienchens
-Ancient Ion column and Venus De Milo sculpture (+recolors) by Dincer
-Cupressus Mini & Sempervirens trees by Xrax
-Curved Arch by Helena
-Planter and Classic Windows (6 in all, +recolors) by Marina
-Outdoor Lantern (+recolor) by Numenor
-Clear Floortiles by RGiles
-Motted Gray recolor of the Simple Stairs from NTS2 (sorry, no link)
- Patrician Staircase (+recolor) and balustrade from Sunni Sims
_____ _ _____ _ _____

*ALSO: one object recolor might've escaped clean installer, so open it with S2CI and uncheck it if its there. it will be right after "seascape" terrain, and is called 0334729edc6aea34518...you get the idea. =]