Teenagers may adopt babies, toddlers & children - BV compliant

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Uploaded: 5th Oct 2006 at 2:19 PM
Updated: 1st Apr 2008 at 10:42 AM - Update FREETIME info
With this hack, teenagers may now adopt babies, toddlers & children. It does not matter if the teenager lives with his/her parents or alone; the adoption will work in any case. The hack aims at those players who do not have a teen pregnancy hack like InTeenimater installed. If you already have such a hack that allows teenagers to get pregnant, you do not need my hack. (Except you want to want to save your teens the troubles of pregnancy )

The screenshots below show the flow: Teeny grabs any phone (hack works with all standard phones provided by Maxis), calls "Service" and choses "Adoption". Depending on the household funds, the request is approved or rejected (to get an approval, the household should have more than §10,000 cash). If the request is approved, a social worker will appear the next day at 10:00am, and you can select your preferred age group for the new family member. Since my hack just modifies the check on the caller's age, all family ties are updated automatically.

Basegame only: CtfG_TeensMayAdopt.zip
Uni / NL / OfB: CtfG_TeensMayAdopt_Uni-NL-OfB.zip
Pets / SSN : CtfG_TeensMayAdopt_PetsVersion.zip
Bon Voyage: V-GH_EP6_TeensMayAdopt.zip
(If you do not have all EPs installed, please always select the one that matches your latest installed EP.)

Update 2008-01-06
Version for EP6 - Bon Voyage finished, tested and uploaded. See enclosed "Readme.rtf" for details on installation and further information.

Update 2008-04-01
The BV version also works with EP7 "FreeTime". No changes necessary.

Vironin (successor of CtfG)

Have fun!