Immersive Rain (Updated 29/08/22)

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Uploaded: 27th Jul 2022 at 3:43 AM
Updated: 29th Aug 2022 at 4:37 PM
Update 29/08: This mod now corrects a Maxis oversight that permits ghosts to be changed into Outerwear. Sims will no longer be pushed to react to rain when going to work.

Update 28/07: In fixing the previous bug, a new one slipped through where the following error would show up. This is now corrected.

Update 27/07: Fixed a bug that would result in a blank interaction icon and missing string when sims would get rained on. Please redownload GetRainedOn.package.

Rain is fairly common where I live. It brings with it many things, and I associate it with a great variety of emotions. Rain in Sims 2, on the other hand, is flat and hollow, as though determined to not capture the imagination. I wanted to change that.

Three .packages are included in the .zip file. You may include those you wish - their features are described below.


1) ImmersiveRain-CORE.package

- Better outdoor weather reactions.
Sims will always react to weather if they are outside, unless they are on their way to work. If Sims are caught in the rain, they may attempt to move indoors. They may cover their heads or run in accordance to personality. Sims which are not playable will move indoors or change into their outerwear. Unplayed Sims not dressed appropriately for the rain will leave the lot if they cannot find shelter.

- Better indoor weather reactions.
Reacting to weather indoors has been completely reworked.

There is a 33% chance Sims will react. No other factors.There is a 100% chance Sims will react, but will only do so if the Sim is not currently in the middle of an interaction.
5 maximum reactions.10 maximum reactions.
No limit to how many Sims can react, leading to Sims crowding in front of windows.Only one Sim per room is permitted to react. Sims will no longer use two story windows to react, because you really shouldn't be walking right up to something that big to take a look through it.

- Better weather clothing changes.

Sims will change into Outerwear when going outdoors through any portal (including gates) during the Winter.Sims will change into Outerwear exiting through doors or arches only if it is cold, raining, snowing, or hailing outside.
Unplayed Sims will arrive in Outerwear only during the Winter.Unplayed Sims will arrive in Outerwear if it is cold, raining, snowing, or hailing outside.
Sims would only change out of their Outerwear only if it was the Winter when heading indoors.Sims will always change out of Outerwear when heading indoors.
Sims will no longer change into/out of Outerwear if they are running outdoors/indoors, because it looks goofy.

2) ImmersiveRain-GetRainedOn.package

- What if your Sim gets caught in the rain?

If your Sim is left out in the rain without Outerwear for a sufficient length of time, they will begin to 'Get Rained On'. This is similar to how Hail works, but far less deadly.

Your Sims Comfort and temperature will drop as they go through animations of shivering, sneezing, and shielding themselves from the elements.

Don't worry about this getting overbearing, though! Sims will not be caught in the rain if they are routing to do something indoors, or busy doing something User Directed. You'd really have to be trying to neglect your poor Sims - not that I'm accusing anyone of that

Should you leave them out long enough, your Sim will become 'Soaked'. If your Sim is on a Date, getting Soaked will lower the date score, so keep your prospective partner out of the rain!

3) ImmersiveRain-WetController

This .package expands on what 'Getting Soaked' means. With this .package installed, your Sims will begin to drip and leave puddles indoors once they've been in the rain long enough. At that point, you should get them out of their wet clothes as soon as you can, or they might catch their death out there!

All of the above features apply only to Teens and up. The image of some kid Sim shivering in the rain striked me as too Dickens-groveling-orphan; a bit too banal. Sims will also not suffer any negative effects of rain if they are Servos or Plantsims.

Also, being inside a car will count for not getting caught in the rain!


This is in ImmersiveRain-GetRainedOn.package.

All of these are fairly self-explanatory imo.

Definitely requires Seasons. Might require FT or higher. Requires Uni also because of sprinkler animations.

Mod Conflicts
Nopke's Passers Dress For Cold. This mod basically replaces it.
Antiweatherreact at MATY. This mod achieves a similar result, so you can replace it.
CJ's No Outerwear Spin. Get the incorporated version of the CORE .package here and delete CJ's mod.
Simler's WeatherOutfitMod and WeatherReactionMod. Their respective elements will clash with the CORE.package, so either replace their mods with this one or have their mods load after CORE.package.
yellowpee at MATY. Load yellowpee after this mod and you're good to go.

Technical Information
- Pretty much a complete overhaul of the Weather Receptivity controller, group 0x7F609690. OBJD is necessary to default as I added an array.
- Overrides Global Flood - Create to reintroduce rain puddle spawing function.