Hideous Floating Torso!

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Uploaded: 14th Oct 2006 at 6:04 AM
Torso cut off at the waist with guts hanging out.

1) Clothing Mesh
2) Adult Male “Outfit” (available in all adult male clothing categories so that you can give him a consistent look no matter what the circumstance, except during naked activities like bathing, in which he will suddenly have a lower half - can't be helped.)
3) Matching veiny pale genetic skin tone – can be used on any Sim. Should be used with this mesh so that the head skin tone will match the body.
4) Grayish hair.
5) Clouded eyes.
6) The Sim you see pictured. He will appear in bodyshop and in the game, ready to go. I suggest that in the game you give him the same outfit for all of the categories – formal, underwear, athletic, etc.

This mesh will work for adult males only. The skin tone will work for all ages/genders.

To my knowledge, this mesh should work with all versions of the game.

This is a modification of the original Maxis adult male underwear mesh, with my original mesh and texture added. You may modify and distribute this mesh however you like, just give “Bootsbrisket” credit in the description and indicate what changes you have made.

To make this mesh, I used SimPE V58b, Animation Master V12 (modeling), UV Mapper professional, Milkshape V1.7.10, and Sims 2 UniMesh Importer/Exporter V4.06.

Polygon statistics for original Maxis adult male underwear, normal mode mesh (not pregnant or fat):
1,168 Vertices
1,768 Triangles

Polygon statistics for this adult male floating torso, normal mode mesh (not pregnant or fat):
1,477 Vertices
2,315 Triangles

Unzip and place all the files in you’re My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Downloads directory (or wherever your download directory is.)