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OMSP "One more slot package" For Beds and Counters

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Uploaded: 25th Jan 2007 at 12:53 AM
Updated: 17th Oct 2008 at 1:35 PM by -Maylin-
Hey everyone.

Today I am uploading 2 new OMSP's, Ariffrazalin first had the idea. For you's that dont have the other types, make sure you also get, Ariff's. HERE . In any of his OMSP thread's, you'll find instructions on how to place objects, some of those techniques can be applied to sims also. But for sims, you need to do a few different things to make them place correctly, Read HystericalParoxysm's tutorial on it, HERE.

Anyway, for the counter one, it wont work like a counter, only like a coffee table, same with the bed one, I made it like this, so sims wouldn't just start preparing food on it or try eating something on it. Each OMSP's mesh, will be slightly higher than the actual slot, i did this because sometimes you may not be able to see the bottom, so you have to select the top. I have included an invisible recolour for both so you can hide them. If you have any questions feel free to ask them.

12/24 (f/v)
Surfaces/ Miscellanious

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If you want to know where any of the content used in these are pictures are, go to the WCIF Forums at Sims2Community

Thanks to HystericalParoxysm, for letting me use some of her pics and for the idea.

NOTE: These do not require Ariff's OMSP, they are seperate objects.