Maxis Tattoos that Really Stick!**Updated 10/22**

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Uploaded: 13th Oct 2007 at 9:31 PM
Updated: 23rd Oct 2007 at 7:00 AM - male tattoo 4 is right after all!
UPDATE!! I discovered a typo in tattoo package 1 that prevented the tattoo from showing up on teen males. That, combined with my previous update, has inspired me to fix the big zip file. Now, there is just one zip available, with both the corrected packages. If you downloaded before 10/23, and care at all about teen males having Maxis tattoo 1, then download it one more time! Soooo sorry, guys!

**Update: thanks to you helpful posters, I now realize that I was too silly to even notice another Maxis tattoo! Maxis Female Tattoo 4 is now the Japanese style koi backpiece and asian characters on the left shoulder included with the blue halter top, as pictured in the new screenshot below.
The new package will replace just tattoo 4, so just plop it in the same location and let it overwrite. If you haven't downloaded either zip, you will need to download SpaceDollMaxisTattoos and unzip it first, then SpaceDollsMaxisTattoo4 and let it overwrite. If, for some reason you want the mish mash of other tattoos described below and included in the original zip, just don't download the new one.**
Sorry I was so blind, guys!

Just like the title says, these are the tattoos that Maxis gave us as parts of clothing, only they don't come off! Not when your sim changes clothes, or showers, or age transitions. Yay!! To make these, I altered Morague's original Tattoo Overlay package, according to her tutorial. Thank you Morague, for the original package, and all your help. As stated in her original upload, you must have the Seasons EP to use this object, as it utilizes the sunburn overlay included with that expansion. The object is a crate located under Misc./misc. called, umm, Maxis Tattoo something or 'nother. I forgot! But, it costs $1, you'll find it easily. Oh, just a note, the first time you use the object, you will get a significant lag. On my computer it was about 2 minutes; I assume it is equivalent to the lag you experience when your Sims are sunburned. Don't worry, just wait. When you click on the object, you will get pie menu options to add or remove tattoos. After each image below is a full description of the included tattoos.

Male Tattoos:

Maxis 1 consists of a devil face on the right shoulder (I think, or is it some sort of winged demon teddy bear?), a dragon on the left shoulder and a tribal winged piece on the small of the back. These tattoos are from the young adult shirtless top that came with University.

Maxis 2 is the samurai full back piece, chest panels, and half sleeves. This is from the young adult shirtless top that came with University.

Maxis 3 consists of a cat face (I think!) surrounded by tribal designs and a banner on the right shoulder, a tribal band, winged character and wrist bands on the left arm, letters on all knuckles, dagger on the right calf, and asian style characters on the left calf. These are from the young adult outfit with white tank and camo shorts that came with University.

Maxis 4 and 5 both have tribal designs on right arm and shoulder, tribal design on left shoulder, wrist bands on left arm, and letters on knuckles. Four also has a tribal piece on the small of the back, characters above the navel, and a tribal piece on the left calf. Five also has the right arm banner, left arm winged character, and right calf dagger from Maxis 3 and a character on the upper left chest that to me resembles the ghost of the Pillsbury DoughBoy. Maxis 4 tattoos are from the young adult outfit with no shirt and black shorts, and Maxis 5 tattoos are from the young adult outfit with black tank and red shorts, both from University.

Female Tattoos:

Maxis 1 consists of a tribal arm band on the right arm, a tribal piece on the back of the neck, a tribal necklace with a plumbob centerpiece, and a tribal sun on the back of the left hand. These tattoos are from the maroon halter top that came with NightLife.

Maxis 2 is a tribal barbed wire armband on the right arm. This tattoo is from the red bra/black fishnet croptop that came with the original game.

Maxis 3 consists of a red diamond armband on the right arm and a blue tribal sun on the upper left chest. These are from the young adult punk outfit with camouflage tights that came with University.

Maxis 4 consists of all the tattoos from Maxis 1 excluding the plumbob necklace piece.

Maxis 5 is the diamond armband from Maxis 3.

Oh, and by the way, I couldn't care less what you do with my uploads. Share 'em with your friends, pass 'em around willy nilly, grind 'em up and make a milkshake. Don't Care!! But remember, Morague made the originals, and all the bits that make this thing work are her's, so always giver her credit, and don't mess with her, or I'll be after you. Have fun!