Harry Potter Collection: Shell Cottage (2 Versions)

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Uploaded: 13th Nov 2007 at 12:31 AM
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WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF MAGIC: Harry Potter's Shell Cottage!


There are 2 versions of Shell Cottage available in this download! The first version was created in detail from Rowling's descriptions in the Harry Potter books. The second version is for non-Potter fans who would simply love to have the cottage in their game! Please enjoy both versions!


Harry Potter Collection: Shell Cottage

Shell Cottage is the home to Bill and Fleur Weasley. It is isolated on a cliff with vast ocean views. The home is small, but kept immaculate by Fleur. It is a beautiful place with a quaint garden with flower beds aligned with white beach stones. The exterior walls of the cottage are covered in seashells! I designed a lighthouse and a tanning pier to fill the lot a little more. This lot was fun to create and hopefully will be just as much fun for your Harry Potter Sims!

Lot Data for Harry Potter: Shell Cottage
RESIDENTIAL LOT / 5 x 6 Lot / §150,232 / Furnished / 2 Bedrooms / 2 Full Bathrooms (upstairs) / Office Desk Area / Parlour (Sitting Room) / Eat-in Kitchen (with Garden exit) / a "special" grave / Covered Front Porch / 2 Car (Invisible) Driveway / Empty & "Working" Lighthouse / Tanning & Fishing Pier

Other Information:


UPDATE:Shell Cottage Only
I have added another version of Shell Cottage below. This version is a replica in design of the original (with 2 tiles more of space than the original). It is the house only and was created by request. I spruced up the garden a little with plants by Macarossi (in addition to all other artist listed in the "Custom Content Included" area below). Be sure to browse Macarossi's items here: http://www.modthesims2.com/member/macarossi.

Lot Data for Shell Cottage Residential Lot ONLY
RESIDENTIAL LOT / 3 x 3 Lot / §136,938 / Furnished / 2 Bedrooms / 2 Full Bathrooms (upstairs) / Office Desk Area / Parlour (Sitting Room) / Eat-in Kitchen (with Garden exit) / 1 Car Garage / Extensive Garden with Pond / Attic


I owe the deepest of gratitude to all the extraordinary artists whose objects helped to bring my vision of Harry Potter's Magical World to life! Thank you for sharing your time and talent with the Sim community. Thank you to the following artists for helping to bring a little "magic" to the Sim
World: mzcynnamon, simlifestories, cameranutz2, alex_stanton1983, WitchyWoman, khakidoo, Reyn, Numenor, bienchen83 and marvine. Be sure to browse the links at the end of the post for other fabulous downloads by each artist!

Although the following items are NOT included in the download, I thought they would add a little authenticity to this lot:

The Wooden Rowboat with Paddles by mickyss can be found here:
Note: This link will take you to the decorative boat by the lighthouse used in the images on this page.

The Red and White Mini-Boat With Blue Oars (Bed) by Solgaya can be found here:

If your Spiral Stairs do not show up, be sure to download and install the "animations" (ANIMS) file from the following link:


All stephanie b. walls, floors and ground covers included in houses downloaded from MTS2 can be used in lot creations on any free or pay site as long as I receive credit for the textures. Please do not post my textures (walls, floors or groundcovers) or lots on other sites without my permission or reupload them as your own by giving them color face-lifts without giving me credit for the original design. Thank you!

These lots are creations from my imagination based mainly on excerpts from the books and on-line information. I am basing very little on the movie versions of each place, so don't expect exact replica's of movie versions of the various places in the Magic and Muggle World.

My vision for this neighborhood is that the students do not "live" in Hogwarts. I see the school as home to only a few teachers (Dumbledore, McGonagall, Trelawney). Everyone else is spread out in either their family homes or in the Summer Houses.



This set includes both residential and commercial lots. There are a total of 25 download pages (with 34 individual files to download) in this collection. Be sure to download the entire Harry Potter Collection of lots here at Mod the Sims 2:


Enjoy the cottage!
Stephanie 2U

Original Harry Potter Shell Cottage
Lot Size: 5x6
Lot Price: §151,829

Shell Cottage Residential Lot ONLY
Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: §137,605

Custom Content by Me:
- Snow Gravel Floor
- Atomic Floor 21
- Atomic Floor 25
- Inspired Floor 8
- Cream and Tan Floral Carpet
- Red Mulch and Grass 2 (Big Rock)
- Red Mulch and Grass 4 (Small Rocks)
- Red Mulch and Grass 6 (3 Rocks)
- Red Mulch and Grass 7 (Right Side)
- Red Mulch and Grass 8 (Left Side)
- Red Mulch Grass
- Red Mulch Floor
- Red Mulch: Dobby (big)
- Sci-fi Metal 04
- Sci-fi Pale Green Floor
- Shell Cottage Floor
- Shell Cottage Roof Match
- Moss Brick Terrain
- Red Gravel Terrain
- Tan Gravel Terrain
- Beach Grass Terrain 1
- Beach Grass Terrain 2
- Painted Green Wall
- Barely Blue Flora Wall
- Striped Banana Wall
- Cape Cod Panel Wall
- Inspired 14 Wall
- Blue Paisley Wall
- Shell Cottage Exterior
- Vibrant Texture 01
- Vibrant Texture 03
- Vibrant Texture 04
- Golf Grass

Custom Content Included:
- Blue Residential Roof by mzcynnamon
- Boatman's Harbour Painting by cameranutz2
- Lighthouse Trail Painting by cameranutz2
- Perfect Day Painting by cameranutz2
- Racepoint Painting by cameranutz2
- Lighthouse I Painting by cameranutz2
- Lighthouse II Painting by cameranutz2
- Tropical Bliss Painting by cameranutz2
- Tropical Castaway Painting by cameranutz2
- Cocos nucifera (12,5 m) by alex_stanton1983
- Cocos nucifera (5 m) by alex_stanton1983
- Cocos nucifera "Beach" (10 m) by alex_stanton1983
- Cocos nucifera "beach" (11 m) by alex_stanton1983
- Cordyline australis (1,50 m) by alex_stanton1983
- Cordyline australis (3 m) by alex_stanton1983
- Cordyline australis (5 m) by alex_stanton1983
- Driveway - Invisible by WitchyWoman
- Cypress Based Shrub by khakidoo
- Narrow Cypress Base by khakidoo
- Snaps In Bowl by khakidoo
- Simple Spiral Stairs - Left turn by marvine
- Magnolia by Numenor
- Rowan by Numenor
- White Lattice Siding (regular) by Reyn
- White Timber Fencing by Reyn
- Wooden White Stairs by Reyn
- White Wood Fence by Reyn
- Painting 19 - A Day At The Beach by simslifestories
- Painting 20 - A Day At The Beach by simslifestories
- Prime Roses by bienchen83
- Rhododendron -MESH by bienchen83
- Einfacher Baum (Tree) by bienchen83

Additional Credits:
Thanks to ALL object makers who allow their creations to be included in house downloads on MTS2.