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Summer Vacation --UPDATED 3/25: Inteenimated Version--

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Uploaded: 18th Jan 2008 at 3:39 AM
Updated: 31st Dec 2012 at 8:41 AM by Phaenoh
There is an alternate version of this hack found here.

Ever wondered why sims don't have summer vacation? Well, so have I, which is why I've created this summer vacation hack.

Downloading this hack will cause sim children and teens to stay home from school during summer; it doesn't affect anything else. You will need Seasons if you want to use this hack.

If a sim child or teen is already at school during the summer when you install this hack, they will come home at 3:00 or 1:00 as usual, and then not go to school for the rest of the summer.

Poiple_SummerVacation.package is for those with Bon Voyage or higher
Poiple_SummerVacation-noBV.package is for those without Bon Voyage or higher.

UPDATE: I've finally managed to find the time to make an inteenimated version of this hack.

Poiple_SummerVacation_INTEENIMATED.package is for those with Bon Voyage or higher and using either the Bon Voyage version of Inteen or the Freetime beta.

Poiple_SummerVacation-noBV_INTEENIMATED.package is for those without Bon Voyage or higher and using the Seasons version of Inteen.