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La Coquine

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Uploaded: 28th Jan 2008 at 10:36 PM
Updated: 1st Jan 2009 at 1:05 AM

La Coquine is a quirky little house perfect for two sims just starting out. Ignoring the bold red carport, it looks fairly traditional from the outside. The inside design, however, has touches of modern, beautifully combining old and new. In French, the name means "mischevious one," which suits the unexpected modern details.

The starter version is partially furnished with just the essentials and costs $19,846. The lot also comes in a fully furnished version for $47,853.

The house was built on a 3x2 lot, and has not been playtested. The pictures were taken in the full version.

Custom Content Included:
Brick - me
2 Behr paints - Nephilis1
Edge Smoother - by Ailias
Cheap stove recolor* - Deele4952
Tile - lemonontour
Spiral stairs and matching fence - Marvine
Independent Expression Windows Set - MaryLou
Red Transparent Tile - RGiles
Wallpaper - Lethe_s
*starter version only

Full Version Only
Annie Modular Sofa and 2recolors - blake_boy
Shower - blake_boy
Bluebells - macarossi
XBox 360 and controller - cevic
Fridge recolor - discordkitty
Book (bookcase) - nate92488
Laptop - kenjikitsune
TV - JohnBrehaut1
Candle - Ella Sims
Large Cat and recolor - khakidoo
Snaps In Bowl and recolor - khakidoo
Wall shelf - Numenor
Dishwasher recolor - Hysterical paroxysm
Desk recolor - Sim Squirts (closed)

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