[New mesh] Bright summer dress for Sim girls

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Uploaded: 23rd Aug 2007 at 5:33 PM
Updated: 10th Oct 2008 at 2:32 AM by CatOfEvilGenius
Girls need to be dressed up too, don't they?

Like my previous mesh, this one was made to support a skinmaking contest, hence its name. Like the mesh from clothing tutorial, this one's shape is after a dress I saw in an old 'fashions' magazine. I believe it's still popular

Mesh notes & flaws
This mesh has one alpha layer, which includes sleeves, ruches, skirt, and shoes' tops. Sleeves and ruches are alpha-editable; skirt is editable, too, but I wouldn't suggest curring it higher then the cutout line - notice the 'bottom cover' on the screenshots - it looks a bit weird when simgirl is seating and no cover present; I wanted a short and wide skirt, and I couln't think up another solution
As you see, the sleeves are... how this shape is called, by the way? stola-like? :-< since the fabric attached to torso, not just the usual sleeveline, animating it was a bit tricky. I did what I can, so in most poses they look fine; however, there's still some overlap when arms are moved too much to front/back (see the 'bad' screenshots). At least similar Maxis mesh is no better than mine :D
The alpha-part of shoes is nothing special, except for UVWMap - it's top view, and rather big scale, compared to other parts of mesh. So you can paint sims' shoes easily and with a lot of small details
Mesh has fat state and bump maps working, for all layers.
Mesh created from tfbodynaked, so it is compatible with any versions of the game.
Mesh archive contains UVW maps for body and alpha layers - these are useful for recolorers. If you are not going to recolor, feel free to delete them If you are going to recolor, but not sure what these are for - use them as base texture in your recolor and see For recolorers, I want to note that I made skirt mapped as oval :-< wanted to make 'sun'-type skirt. Please bear with me :-<

There's just one recolor, made by me. I hope someone will make more recolors for it
Don't forget to download both mesh and recolor, or the mesh wouldn't appear in your game.

To skankyboy, for the smd plugin.
To Dr Pixel and Sunair, for explanations how to add subsets to clothing mesh.
To pinhead, for explanations how to set up opacity properly (on hair example).

Feel free to create recolors of this mesh, but don't post them as donation or pay items - only free - and don't forget to credit me properly.
Ask for permission if you want to clone/alter it.
You may upload the mesh with your recolor, if you put a link to this post as well - however, I'd prefer if you give link to this thread, for error-reporting (if any) and updates purposes.
You may use clothes with this mesh in your sims, and include them into package, if they are posted as free item.

Polygon Counts:
Faces: 2620, vertices: 1953