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Poses: You will believe a Sim can FLY!!!

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Uploaded: 21st May 2009 at 10:35 AM
Updated: 25th Nov 2010 at 10:24 PM by whiterider
IMPORTANT NOTE: It has come to my attention that the Pets EP may be required for this to work in your game. I am currently working on making this base game required only.

Heya Peeps!

This is for the Picture Takers and Story/Movie Makers out there. Here's my first Game Mod. It's SynapticSim's Flying Pose Object. It contains 15 different poses. Please sit back and enjoy the pictures:

SynapticSim's Flying Pose Object

The Pose Menu Strings

Group Picture Featuring 8 of the Poses

1 - Fly Fast Arms Back Click For Larger View
2 - Fly Fast Fists Forward Click For Larger View
3 - Fly Float Arms Up and Out Click For Larger View
4 - Fly Float Fists Up Click For Larger View
5 - Fly Float Menacing Click For Larger View
6 - Fly Fast One Arm Forward Click For Larger View
7 - Fly Float Fists Click For Larger View
8 - Fly Float Arms Up Click For Larger View
9 - Fly Float Arms Down Click For Larger View
10 - Fly Up Up and Away Click For Larger View
11 - Fly Land Graceful Click For Larger View
12 - Fly Fast Arms Front Click For Larger View
13 - Fly Float Menacing 2 Click For Larger View
14 - Fly Float Stop Hand Click For Larger View
15 - Fly Fast Fists Down Click For Larger View


This object is cloned from the Maxis Object "The Measure of a Sim Wooden Model" which is a base game object, however, when I created the pose objects, I inadvertently pulled Pet's animations, so the Pets EP is required for now.

What is the difference between this "Pose Object" and the "Pose Boxes" that are out there?

I love pose boxes, however, one thing that drives me crazy is the requirement to go back in and stop the animation or using the Force End or Stop All. The Pose Object will queue the animation between 3 and 5 seconds, however most are 5 seconds. This is ample time to hit the "pause" button.

Who does this work for?

It works for Teens through Elders, and both genders of'course.

Where is it located in the game?

You will find this in Buy Mode under the General/Miscellaneous Category. It costs 1 simolean.


I recommend using the awesome A Whole New Dimension: OMSP's by SilentLucidity. This will allow you to place your sims at varying heights to get the most out of the pose. A few of the poses aren't located off the ground quite far enough so their toes dip into the ground a bit. Use one of the OMSP's at the above link to overcome that obstacle.

I highly recommend using the Freezer Clock by treeag. This allows you to freeze only one sim in a certain pose/animation while the rest of the sims on the lot go about their business as usual.

I wouldn't recommend uploading this with your lots because some people are opposed to hacks/mods. Should you upload it however, that is fine with me, but DO NOT under any circumstance upload this to The Sims 2 Exchange or any Paysite. If you upload it to any other site, please be sure to provide a link back to this thread or to SynapticSim's Lair.

No credit is required if you use this in pictures, stories, or movies.

Please have a blast with this!

~ Syn

Additional Credits:
The Wings Pictured are my own Wings located here: http://www.modthesims2.com/d/320074 and http://www.modthesims2.com/d/324681