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Elation Coffee Table (NEW MESH/RECOLORABLE)

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Uploaded: 19th Aug 2009 at 10:16 PM
Hello everyone! Hope you're doing well! Well I came to Mod The Sims to find out how to get going with making my own objects for The Sims 3 and finally after many long hours of time spent I've created my first working object for you guys I hope you enjoy it!

It's a coffee table (which can also be used as an end table) that is FULLY recolorable. The only thing you can't change is the glass, but otherwise you can change it to whatever color, pattern, etc. that you'd like

Just install it (with the InstallHelper) and you'll be able to find it in Surfaces > Coffee Tables for ยง166.

[NOTE: Thumbnail may look like a repeat of another end table, just click on it and you'll be able to tell which one is which]
[NOTE: Also note that this object is VERY reflective, so the colors of its surroundings may change how the object's true color looks in the game.]

Polygon Counts:
Poly/Faces: 950 ; Vertices: 516

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to Deluxe Designs for the tutorial (couldn't have done it without you!), WesHowe for all the support, the creators of all the tools made (I appreciate all your time!), and of course Mod The Sims