Shabby Livingroom Set

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Uploaded: 15th Nov 2009 at 1:44 PM
Updated: 29th Dec 2009 at 7:36 PM
Do you usually decorate rooms with mismatched furniture? Do you like the "it's from a garage sale" look? Then this shabby set is for you. Even if not, maybe you will find one piece that you like.

This set consists of 6 parts: sofa, coffeetable, endtable, chair, table-lamp and a flower. The "Ginger Sofa" has 3 recolorable parts (body, pillows, feet) and costs 380§. The mesh is a bit larger than regular sofas towards the back, so make sure when placing it near a wall, you hold down the 'Alt' key and don't let the wall cut the back off. The coffeetable is a locked chest with 2 recolorable parts and it costs 170§. It is a bit smaller than regular two-tile coffeetables, so if you place small objects at the very edges, they will appear to be floating. The "Anise Endtable" has 3 recolorable parts and costs 120§. Okay I know that chairs are not considered livingroom furniture in the Sims, but here is the "Cinnamon Chair" that costs 200§. The table-lamp is called "Juniper" and costs 60§. And finally the decorative plant, which is a beer bottle with poppies in it, costs 20§. Unfortunately I found it impossible to create dark colors in the glass material, so... this is the darkest green I could do.

If you got through that wall of text then you deserve a cookie.
But I don't have one so here is a screenshot instead.

Let me know if you find any problems with this.
Have fun.

Polygon Counts:
Cinnamon chair: 1732 faces, 1066 vertices
Ginger sofa: 2346 faces, 1999 vertices
Juniper tablelamp: 825 faces, 578 vertices
Anise endtable: 1100 faces, 886 vertices
Locked chest: 1273 faces, 1012 vertices
Poppies: 606 faces, 352 vertices

Additional Credits:
S3OC, S3PE, ObjTools.