Neytiri - James Cameron's Avatar (Update 15.Jan)

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Uploaded: 11th Jan 2010 at 5:27 PM
Updated: 15th Jan 2010 at 11:26 AM - text fixes, added the downloadlink for traelia's avatar extras, fixed a problem with the thong not showing up - added the right packages with the right sim-file
Update 15.Jan: Fixed the thong not showing up, added the right packages to the downloadfile.

Update 12.Jan:
You can find updated versions of the facecolors (+new one), bodystripes and contactlenses here:


Avatar is THE movie at the moment, offering a fantastic trip into another world. Neytiri is the beautiful female main protagonist in the movie, she belongs to the Na'vi, the humanoids on Pandora...

Sorry to post such a short description, but Avatar has a very detailed official wiki page, follow the links if you want to know more about Pandora, the characters, the fauna and flora, etc, LOTS of interesting info for fans there!
Neytiri - WIKI
Avatar Wiki Main

Also HD extended Trailer: >> Click to watch <<


-- Athletic
-- Brave
-- Daredevil
-- Good
-- Loves The Outdoors

- Food: Hexapede Steak -
- Music: Avatar Soundtrack:
> > Becoming one with the people
> > Jake's first Flight
> > Pure spirits of the forest
- Color: GREEN -


NOT INCLUDED, needs to be downloaded!
=> Lipstick: "Plump Lipstick" by Channy & Vivin: ---> >>DOWNLOAD<<
- Search for the word "megaupload" to quickly find the downloadlink!

INCLUDED in the downloadfile:
-- Na'vi -contactlenses, bodystripes and facecolors by traelia
Many thanks for creating these extras, kudos!

-- "afTopBra_bikiniTie" Original Sims 3 item converted to every category with Delphy's CTU.
-- "Adult + Young Adult Thong" by innocentsheep
-- "Starfire Gloves" by kaleidofrog
-- FANGS by Aikea Guinea

Mods which determine her looks, like she looks in the pictures:
-- Latest Patch, Awesomemod sliderhack (x5): -> >> CLICK <<
-- bella3lek4's amazing sliders: -> Here his profile >> CLICK <<, and download here: >>CLICK<< Thanks to "candy1985" for providing a downloadsource!
-- jonha's Sliders: -> >> CLICK <<
-- CmarNYC's ear sliders: >> CLICK <<
-- Delphy's Adjustable Female Breast sliders -> >> CLICK <<
-- Peggyzone Female Body: -> >> CLICK <<
-- HP's female facial texture & "increased shine": -> >> CLICK <<
-- escand's "Tiffany Glaze": -> >> CLICK <<

Very Important!
You NEED any sort of sliderhack, or her face will snap back, if you try to edit it! Additionally you also NEED all the sliders and "Awesomemod" OR any mod which increases the sliderlimit like "S3Z's IncreasedSliderLimit", or her face looks nothing like in the pictures!

--> Just put the ".sim" file from the download rar into the
"My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/SavedSims" folder.

--> The ".package" files which are included in the download file must be installed correctly to create Neytiri's unique look. The easiest way to install them is to download Delphy's "TS3 Install Helper Monkey" . Package files must be placed in your game directory "xxx/Sims 3/Mods/Packages" and the CC shows up correctly.

- MANY THANKS for feedback to: traelia, emhpb, BondGirlSavie, monca533, EsmeraldaF, Rudrakali, bella3lek4 and jaylo2112
- I tried everything with the nose, but better wasn't possible without infecting her with the balloon head syndrome and making her nose look completely wrong from the side.
- Sorry about the bad picture quality, but since i updated my game and the graphic drivers, Anti-Aliasing stopped working, didn't find out why and how to fix it yet..
- traelia sent me the contacts, facemask and bodystripes so i have permission to use them. Again many thanks to traelia, for giving them to me before you uploaded them!

I see You

Custom Content Included:
- afTopBra_bikiniTie by SIMS 3 Original Item
- Adult + Young Adult Thong by innocentsheep /
- Adult + Young Adult Thong by innocentsheep /
- Starfire Outfit by kaleidofrog /
- Avatar Na'vi -contactlenses by traelia /
- Avatar Na'vi -bodystripes by traelia /
- Avatar Na'vi -facemask by traelia /
- FANGS female by Aikea Guinnea /
- FANGS male by Aikea Guinnea /