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Chloe Frazer - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (UPDATE: 17.Dec)

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Uploaded: 11th Dec 2009 at 10:43 PM
Updated: 30th Jan 2010 at 3:28 PM - text fixes, i used different lipstick on this sim - added link to it to clear things up!, added the downloadlink to bella3lek4's sliders
UPDATE: 17.Dec

The lipstick i used on this sim is NOT The Whipped Cream Lipstick, it's this one here: Plump Lipstick by Channy & Vivin

-> Search for the word "megaupload" to easily find the downloadlink!

Just to clear things up, i realized it that i used a different one, HP's whipped cream lipstick looks great too, but just slightly different so i mixed things up, just that you know. i will keep it in the downloadfile. I used the same lipstick on my sim "Mirjam Lomax" so if you downloaded her and asked yourself why the lipstick doesn't show up, this is why! Big mistake and i'm sorry for inconvenience!


Chloe is one of the female characters in the great game "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves". To post her whole story here, would blast the available space here and would create a tl:dr reaction.

So if you want to read the story of sexy Chloe follow the wikipedia link -> http://uncharted.wikia.com/wiki/Chloe_Frazer

As always i provide some HD Youtube sources with cutscenes from the game, where you can see
how she looks in the game and to get an idea of the story in the game: >Click to watch< at 2:15 and 5:50, she makes an appearance

You are here for the sim i know, but you might wanna watch the other parts too, this game is like a movie! (click the numbers to watch, i put in timemarks where Chloe appears, about 1 hour runtime):

(4:20) , [3] (2:20) , [4] (0:00) , [5] (0:00) , [6] , [7] (~1:00) , [8] (0:00)

---> TRAITS <---

-- Athletic --
-- Flirty --
-- Ambitious --
-- Charismatic --
-- Daredevil --


-- Get her hairstyle here, it's called "Raonjena 82" -> >> DOWNLOAD <<

I've choosen this hairstyle, because it looks very similar to the one chloe wears in the game Uncharted 2 and it has a stylish ponytail, so i recommend to download it.

Mods which determine her looks:

You NEED any sort of sliderhack or her face will snap back, if you try to edit her face!

-- Latest Patch, Awesomemod sliderhack (x5): -> >> CLICK <<
-- bella3lek4's amazing sliders: -> Here his profile >> CLICK <<, and download here: >>CLICK<< Thanks to "candy1985" for providing a downloadsource!
-- Peggyzone Female Body: -> >> CLICK <<
-- HP's female facial texture & "increased shine": -> >> CLICK <<
-- escand's "Tiffany Glaze": -> >> CLICK <<
-- Delphy's Adjustable Female Breast sliders -> >> CLICK <<

Everyday - Formal - Sleepwear - Swimwear - Athletic

The following items are INCLUDED in the downloadfile!

-- "Whipped Cream Lipstick" by HystericalParoxysm
-- "Boots" -> by Kate
-- "Bra_BikiniHalter" -> Sims 3 Original Item converted to every category with Delphy's CTU -> >http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=348082<
-- "Halter Dress" -> by Poppy Sims
-- "Adult + Young Adult Thong" -> by innocentsheep
-- "High Leg Swimsuit with Semi-Transparent Cut-Out" -> by RoguePilot

--> Just put the ".sim" file from the download rar into the
"My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/SavedSims" folder.

--> The ".package" files which are included in the download file must be installed correctly to create Chloe's unique look. The easiest way to install them is to download Delphy's "TS3 Install Helper Monkey" . Package files must be placed in your game directory "xxx/Sims 3/Mods/Packages" and the CC shows up correctly.


- I will make Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher too in the near future, if the time allows it.

- You DON'T need World Adventures for this sim!

HF with Chloe

Custom Content Included:
- "Whipped Cream Lipstick" by HystericalParoxysm / http://linna.modthesims.info/member.php?u=31337[/B]
- "Boots" by Kate / http://www.parsimonious.org/
- "Bra_BikiniHalter" by SIMS 3 Original Item
- "Halter Dress" by Poppy Sims / http://www.poppysims.com/index.html
- "Adult + Young Adult Thong" by innocentsheep / http://linna.modthesims.info/member.php?u=90541
- "Adult + Young Adult Thong" by innocentsheep / http://linna.modthesims.info/member.php?u=90541
- "High Leg Swimsuit with Semi-Transparent Cut-Out" by RoguePilot / http://linna.modthesims.info/member.php?u=2687062