The Working Sim's Bed - Minor bug fix 5.4.2014

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Uploaded: 19th Mar 2010 at 8:48 PM
Updated: 8th Nov 2014 at 8:12 AM - change one wrong client word to soliciter.
Please note. I no longer support these mods. Instead all my mods can now be found at Nraas.

No changes needed for 1.67

File name: ani_WorkingSimsBedController 5.4.2014
Change the removing and adding of the bed interaction in a different way. So this should no longer be incompatible with mods that add new interactions to beds like woohooer.

19.10.2013: No changes needed for 1.63

21.6.2013: No changes needed for 1.55

File name:
File name:

- Changed the Set Bed Interactions, Select The Client and Select The Solicitor interactions to immediate interactions.

Please note this mod is tested only in my test hood, I only quick-tested it after fixing the mod. So backup your save before using and have fun

File name:

File name:

File name:

File name:

- Updated for Generations
- Removed the older versions of this mod as they won't be compatible any more after the new patch

File name: ani_WorkingSimsBedController_LN

Note 1: Please note I have just spot tested this in my test hood, so use it on your own risk.

The Working Sim's Bed Controller

19.06.2010 update
File name: ani_WorkingSimsBedController_Ambition.rar

Note 1: Please note this is still a test version as I usually play my mods in my main hood for quite some time before I update. But now I've only tested it in my test hood because I have not had the chance yet to play my brothel house. So use it at your own risk and please report all the bugs you encounter.
Note 2: Added German translations - thanks BaXiM
Note 3: Removed some not needed code.
Note 4: I have still not figured out is the routing bug some people (me included) are having, due to this mod and if yes, what is causing it.
Note 5: Removed the original ani__TheWorkingSimsBed.rar file as it had the corrupted TXTC.

18.04.2010 - update
File name: ani_WorkingSimsBedController.rar
Note 1: From now on the original bed will not be updated. Hopefully it will work with future expnasions, but if not, then so be it.
Note 2: Only use one version of the mod, not both.
Note 3: Notice that I changed this mod's status to Testing, as I've only had it in my game for about three weeks or so, and I don't play 24/7, so backup your game and use it on your own risk. I use it already in my main hood, so I trust it that much.
Note 4: If your sims ever gets stuck using the mod, use the resetSim cheat to set them free.


- This mod is no longer a bed, but the orchid plant from decorative. It will add the bed interactions to all beds in the room.

- All beds reset when the game is loades. So you will have to re-add them when you star playing.
- The STD moodlet was changed from "Nauseous From Lover" to "Itchy From Lover".

Modding the mod
In case you are one of those many people who didn't like my spelling, my choice of words or my moodlet values, you now have the option tweak the bed to your own likening.

To change the text

- Download s3pe and open the package with it
- Select the STBL file that your game runs in and press "Edit STBL"
- Change the words, press save in the STBL editor and then in s3pe.
There are pics in here, I didn't add the pics to this post as this will be long enough without them.

To Change the Values

- Open the package in S3PE - Select the "WooHooForMoneyConfig" xml file and press the "Notepad" button in the bottom of the program.
- Ignore the empty tags, and only modify the filled ones.

Tag explanation
pay: The base fee of your Sim

skill: What skill to improve if you want to have a higher pay, 0 == body, 1 == charisma

std: The percentage of STD, zero means you'll never get it.

preg: The percentage of getting pregnant, zero means never.

tpreg: Should teens and elders get pregnant. If false, I check both parties have to be YA/A. So this means a teen boy will also not be able to get a YA/A woman pregnant.
Only set this to true if you have a mod that supports teen/elder pregnancies, otherwise your Sims will get stuck on child birth.

Set to false if you don't want to get the pumped from lover and embarrassed moodlets.

Bug Fixes
- Same sex pregnancy should not happen again
- The interactions are now nested, so both Sims will start walking towards the bed when you select "WooHoo For Money".
- If a Sim is interrupted before the WooHoo is done (you are asked to leave the house for example because it's late), the relationship change I do to the Sims so they can relax on the same bed will always now be restored to the original values.

So far I've not found a bug with this mod that will always happen and that I can pinpoint and fix, but here are some that have happened.
1. My tester got her Sims stuck once when she had three couples, in different rooms using the bed at the same time.
2. I had three couples in the same room using the bed at the same time, couple 1 and 2 started woohooing a bit earlier than couple 3, and I noticed that couple 1 and 2 stayed under cover until couple 3 was done, nobody got stuck thou and it didn't happen when I tried to re-create the scenario.

3. The bordello house in my hood is a bit hard to visit sometimes, I'll have to ask the Sims multiple times to ring the bell before they do it.
4. Jealousy: I have this weird bug in my game that sometimes normal interactions (for example greeting), is considered a romantic interaction. Every time it has happened, is when one guy is present, he is BI and he's a flirt. It started happening when I turned my game language to Finnish, so either I was choosing the wrong interaction because instead of reading, I would click on where I remembered the interaction to be in English, or the Finnish translation is messed up on some part, or the guy flirted when he shouldn't or it has something to do with the mod.

Bugs 3 and 4. Those are the once I'm most interested in, and would like to know is it due to my really borked Riverview that's full of tiny glitches, or because of the mod, so please inform me if you start having weird jealousy issues, or you have trouble visiting the houses you use the mod in. I also use this mod in my community lot motel, and so far it's been normal there.

The bed text is no longer hard coded. If anybody wants to translate the text to their own language, please do so, and I'll be happy to add it to the mod.

Note 1: Please ignore the text inside the { } marks, as that's for the code to use.
Note 2: Please use a non negative word for the working Sim (so no slut or whore), I don't consider this occupation to be any less respectful than other jobs out there, so I'd rather not have them as negative words. For the Finnish translation I use the word Companion, so you can always use something like that if your language doesn't have a better word for solicitor.
Note 3: I've done the Finnish translation, but if anybody has a better suggestion to what the title of the mod should be in Finnish please tell me, it's now "Seuralais Simin Vuode Ohjain", and to tell you the truth, I'm not happy with it but couldn't come up with anything clever.

The Strings

'The Working Sim's Bed Controller. '
'Adds and removes the working sim's bed interactions. '
'Set Bed Interactions'
'Remove Bed Interactions'
'Client: {0.String}'

'Client not selected'
'Solicitor: {0.String}'
'Solicitor not selected'
'Select The Client'
'Select The Solicitor'
'WooHoo For Money'
'List Participants'

'{0.String} is no longer on the lot'
'{0.String} earned {1.Money} for this WooHoo.'
'{0.String} couln't afford to pay. {1.String} lost {2.Number} realtionship points with {0.String}.'
'{0.String} got an STD.'

- English: Done
- Finnish: Done
- Chinese (there are two of these CN and TW)
- Danish
- Thai
- Swedish
- Spanish (there are two of these, MX and EX)
- Russian
- Portuguese
- Poland
- Norwegian
- Korean
- Japanese
- Italy
- Hungary
- Greece
- German: Done - thanks BaXiM.
- French
- Dutch

//End of 18.04.2010 update

Important notice
If your teen or elder became pregnant due to this mod, and you don't have a mod to support those pregnancies, please use the abortion clinic mod to terminate the pregnancy. Or your Sims will be stuck giving births. YA/A pregnancies work fine.

To get this mod to work, you have to have the framework installed correctly.
There are too ways to do it, manual or automatic.

30.03.2010 update
- fixed TXTC bug with Delphy's Dashboard.
Will remove the original download when I'm sure I have not messed anything up.

I first got the idea of making this bed way back in 2005 when I was playing Brandie Broke and thought how great if she could earn some extra cash with some specific activities. Unfortunately I was so Simpely challenge that I never even managed to add an interaction menu to any item no matter how many step by step tutorials I did. Fortunately thou, modding TS3 is way easier, so here you go.

This was not an easy mod to do, I thought it was because opposite to Dexter, I wasn't inventing anything new, just using existing things. Surprisingly I was very wrong and this was as hard if not harder than Dex. I decided to put this straight to finished mods because I'v had this in my game in one way or another since the woohoo for money part was working. And the version I'm now putting here to download is the one I finished working on 09.01.2010, and it's been in my game unchanged, since that date.

This is a clone of the cheap bed, it doesn't override the original one but is a stand alone object. The bed still works as a normal bed, but has a few more options.

In my game I have this bed on two locations. On the rundown motel in my town (community lot) where I have a few freelancers working the streets. As well as in my bordello (residential lot) where I have one madam and two ladies.

How it works

When you click on the bed, you get four new interactions.
- Select the client
- Select the soliciter
- List participants - this will give you a pop-up telling you who you have selected
- Woohoo for money

You can play either the client side, or the soliciter side, but notice that the active Sim has to be one of the active parties when you select woohoo for money.

The way it works is that after you select the client and soliciter, you select the "woohoo for money" interaction. Then the active Sim will go and relax on the bed, and when he's relaxed, he'll call the other Sim to join in. I never figured out how to make the relax -> woohoo interactions nested interactions, so I jammed them all into one interaction and that's why the active Sim has to be relaxing before the none active Sim gets the command.

Pay, moodlets and effects
- The base pay is 45 simoleans multiplied with the socliter's charisma skill (if it's bigger than 1). So to earn more money, you need to improve your charisma skill.
- The client will get a pumped from lover moodlet lasting one day
- If the soliciter has the traits never nude or good, they will get an "embarrassed from being naked" moodlet lasting one day. If they woohoo again while the embarrassed moodlet is active, The remaining time from the old embarrassed moodlet is added to the new one.
- if the client has either the stressed or overworked moodlets they will be removed
- woohooing will increase the fun and social of the client, but this depends on the skill of the soliciter. If the soliciter's charisma is less or equal to 7, the increase is 20 points. Charisma skill of 8 and 9, will increase fun and social by 40 points, and a 10 charisma skill will max both needs. Note that this is only for the client, the soliciter will not get any extra moodlets or increase in fun or social, beond the normal woohoo need increase.
- The amount you earn as a YA will be cut to half when you turn into an Adult. This is to encourage keeping the product fresh. So an unskilled worker who earned 45 as a YA, will earn 22 after becoming middle aged.

- There is a 10% chance that the woohoo interaction is an try for baby interaction. If you don't like babies, there are options.
- There is a 20% chance that the participants get an STD. The STD is a Nauseous from lover moodlet lasting two days. Woohooing for money while this is active will cause the STD to spread to the other participant if they don't have it already. Or if they have it already, the remaining time from the first STD will be added to the new one.

Other things to notice
- I have removed all normal social checks from this mod. As long as the participants are teens or above, anything goes. So yes, if you want to woohoo your own teen daughter, go ahead. I'm leaving the morality of this object to the users.
- You can woohoo complete strangers, a previous relationship with them is not required. But because Sim's refuse to relax on a bed if they are not friends with the other person, the mod will increase their relationship until they are relaxing, and then return it to the original value. This of course means that if your sims has the want to be friends with the other sim, this want will be fulfilled, but take it as an extra boost to the woohoo.
- This mod doesn't touch jealousy, so if you woohoo while your lover/girlfriend/wife/who ever is in the next room, you are on your own.

- From all the woohooes my Sims have done using this mod, the only bug I've encountered was that once my test Sims got stuck on the bed relaxing, and wouldn't do anything. Using the reset Sim cheat on one of them, fixed the issue and I've not encountered it since.

- Actually I just noticed last week that I increment the the fun and social wrong. But this will be fixed in version 2.

Have fun
- ani

Additional Credits:
For all the people who created the tools I used, s3pe, s3oc...
For Kolipoki and his object modding tutorial, I'm currently working on my fourth mod, and still I keep checking stuff from this tutorial.
- jazzem for testing, thank you tons, it was of great help to me
- Apolloboy109 for suggesting athletic skill to be used as a way to increase your sim's pay.