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Produce Stand - Updated v2

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Uploaded: 19th Sep 2013 at 1:58 PM
Updated: 8th Nov 2014 at 8:08 AM
Please note. I no longer support these mods. Instead all my mods can now be found at Nraas.

File name: ani_OFBStand_v2.part(1/2/3).rar

I noticed while playing with this mod that sims will stay in their spot, after they buy and thus making it impossible for many sims to buy.
I wanted to have sims move away from the stand but wasn't able to achieve this so I did the following changes.
1. If this stand is the only one on the lot, sims will go home after purchase.
2. If there are multiple stands on the lot, sims will walk to a random second stand (to the browse section, not buy)

No changes needed for 1.67
File name: ani_OFBStand_1.63.part(1/2/3).rar

Increased how much fun/social/hunger this stand advertizes. This increases the sim's chances of using this object when he is in need of fun/social/food. I set this value to 400. If you feel this is too cheaty, open the mod in S3PE and modify the buy ITUN values for these parts.

Fixed bugs:
- If you didn't have an employee specified, and you were tending the stand manually, and you closed the stand, you got a null pointer exception message.

- When closing the store and your sim is manually tending, you need to manually cancel his interaction.

File name: ani_OFBStandFixed210913.part(1/2/3).rar
1. Re imported the animations and sounds.
2. Fixed the missing buy interaction

Should I re-download or not?
If you have EP6 and the original stand from MV then no, if you don't then yes.

Found that putting the toddler toys (pegbox and xhylogphone) into the stand then saving, exiting and re-loading breaks the stand.
You can put them and buy them during gameplay, but remove them before saving and exiting. So far these are the only objects I found causes problems. Will try to fix this during the next update.

Also added tutorial video


Did your sim ever wish to start a small business with as little starting funds as possible? Is your sim sick of having to own a lot before he can open his shop? If your sim answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the perfect mod for him

This mod is basically a produce stand, that your sim can buy and set it up anywhere on a community lot or home lot and start selling items.

The object has it's own inventory, you can put anything there, including books

The object is portable, so you can set it up anywhere.

You can set up a market by having different sims selling different items all on the same lot, which is basically what I have done in my main hood

The mod can be found in the hobbies section and it costs 800§

The mesh is done by Sandy from Around the sims 3. The table has slots on it, so you can decorate your stand as you wish.

A special thank to both Sandy and Aurna for testing

Demo video
In YouTube

This mod is not dificult to use but has many interactions, so please read the instuctions below.

The interactions:
Setting menu
- Set Owner: Set who owns the stand (only sims physically livin the world)
- Set Employee: Who will work on the stand (any sim either living in the world or outside it)(the owner and the employee can be the same person)
- Set Working hours: what time the employee starts and ends his shift
- Set Price Increase: A number to multiply the product's original value with to increase or decrease it's price
- Set Always Can Buy: can you buy items, even if the employee didn't show up for work. Or maybe you don't want to have an employee but a stand that's always open.
- Set Pay/Hour: the wage the employee gets
- Set Pay From Owner: Is the wage of the employee subtracted from the stand's owner's funds
- Set Cooldown: If the shopper is autonomous, they will get a "new stuff" moodlet and while they have this moodlet, they can't shop again. This interaction sets how many sim minutes they have the moodlet.

Selling food:
Because no market is really a market without home-made food, I added the following functionality.

Under the settings menu there is a Food... menu this includes
- Set Price of Food Serving: How much you want one plate of food to cost.
- Unspoil: makes food in the stand's inventory unspoilable + calculates the price for the food. If the food is a group serving the price is (price of one serving * how many servings left in the plate).
The price of food also depends on the quality.
If the quality is nice or very nice it's the default price * 1.2
If great, outstanding or excellent it's * 1.3
If perfect it's * 1.4
otherwise it's the default price.
(any time you add new food to the stand, you need to run the unspoil command unless you want to sell spoiled food that costs 0§)
Please note this is meant for sims who want to sell home made food in their cart. Food has no price by default + it will be spoiled if left outside.

Business menu:
- Toggle open/close: The shop needs to be open before you can buy.
- Open inventory: opens the objects inventory

The actual shopping
- Tend Stand: This is disabled when somebody else is tending it. But if nobody is tending it, you can "freelance" tend it. So you can set your active sim to stand there and they will get paid according to how many hours they worked. This is not an autonomous interaction. It's only used when the employee is called to work, or you direct a sim to use it.

- Browse: Sims do the browse animation. If they have the cooldown moodlet they will not do this. This is an autonomous interaction.

- Buy: If user directed you get a a list of items, if autonomous the sim will get one random item.

Other things to notice:
- The mod calls the employee to work every 15 minutes when their shifts starts and the sim is not working yet.
- There are occasions when the sim's "work" is interrupted. The mod checks every 15 minutes if the sim is working and if not they will be called to work again.
- This is not a real job. I suggest you give any sim who is tending the stand an ambition self employed job so they are not in a RH working when they should be tending the stand.
- This is similar to my shop from inventory mod but it has nothing to do with that mod. This is an independent object.
- If your sim works as a gardener/fisher... and he is the stand owner, he will get a profit from celling produce that belong to that career but the profit will be the original value of the sold item. If your gardener sells an apple for 10§ and you have set the multiplyer to 10. Your sim will earn 100§ but only 10 will be added to his ambition career profit.
- This object is cloned from the MV produce stand but you don't need the original stand to use this.
- This mod has no "weekends". If you want to give your sim a break, close the stand for a day.

This mod is cloned from the MV stand, so if you have a mod that alters those resources (animations/sounds) this mod will conflict.

Have fun
- ani_

Additional Credits:
Erin's pose is from Studio Star Girl's Render poses.