The Savvier Seller Mod - Version 4

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Uploaded: 11th Nov 2013 at 9:03 PM
Updated: 8th Nov 2014 at 8:07 AM
Please note. I no longer support these mods. Instead all my mods can now be found at Nraas.

File name: ani_StoreSet_17.06.2014.rar

This version is just a bug fix version, no new functionality.

Bugs fixed:
- If you were selling buy mode items on a shelve, the interaction to buy would not show up after you restock.
- You might have noticed since version 1 that after a restock, or loading the game the interaction to buy wouldn't always show up on the item but you could still shop buy clicking the shelve/rug and select the item to buy. Now the buy interaction should always show up.

- The restock items no longer cost money. They are 0§. In the next update I'll hide them from the catalog. There is no reason for them to be there.

File name:

Lets play episodes I use this version of the mod in:
1. Belinda's Bakery
2. Emmaline's Flower Shop

The ModOfRandomness I mension in the bakery episode can be found here .
You will need this mod to run the bakery if, you want to play multiple households in the hood. Please read the instructions before using this mod.

Changes - General:
- Sims now have a progress bar when shopping and the shopping event will take anywhere between 10-30 minutes. There is still no thought process behind the decission to shop, but it gives you breathing space when shopping is not immediate.
- Shopping sims are now animated. I made a custom jazz files where I use the animations from watching TV while standing.
- Paying money at the register is now animated. It's not the most perfect animation so I might change it later if I find something else.
- Restocking buy mode now gives you a restock item.

Changes - Bakery:
The following changes were made to make running the bakery easier.
- Shelves have in settings a new interaction that allows you to take all the items (that can be put into the inventory) and puts them to your inventory. This is usefull when you want to have the baked goods you made, go to your inventory.
- Food will become unspoilable when you place them on the shelve. You no longer need to use the "Unspoil" interaction in the register.

Bugs fixed:
- I had many bugs regarding when the Tend Register was available, this should now be fixed. If you try to tend the register and it says it's being tended but nobody is tending it, open and close the shop, it should fix this.
- Closing/Opening the now works better. Sims will not be called to work if the shop is closed.

- Sometimes when dragging food from your sims inventory to the shelve, will make the food dissapear. I don't know why this is so I suggest using buy mode hand to place food.
- If a sim is reset while they shop, the shopping meter is dropped to the ground. You need to turn on testincheats, shift click and delete the object. The glow that is left behind, will dissapear the next time you restart your game.

File name: SavvierSeller
The zip contains two files, the store set base and register. You only need to update these two files.

- Tend register manually is now a "normal" interaction that you can cancel just like any other interaction.
- Fixed the "Link to register" UI.
- Un-spoil will now re-calculate the value of food servings even if the food cost has been calculated before.
- Selling alchemy potion count towards your alchemy career (but only original value of the bottle)

The LP episode where I use this version of the mod.
The display you see in the video is from Around the Sims 3. You'll need to update the object yourself to work with this mod. Scroll down for the instructions.

Deliciously Indulgent Bakery
This mod has nothing to do with the new bakery PC from the store. If you want to open a bakery using this mod:

Restock from inventory version:
- Make the food
- Put all foods in the store inventory - register interaction
- Set serving price - regsiter interaction
- Select Unspoil - register interaction - this interaction also calculates the price for the food
- Put the food into the display (of this mod, remember, this has nothing to do with the new set)
- Any time you make new food you will have to "unspoil" it.

Restock from buy mode version:
- Same as above, except now you only need to make one serving of each food you want to sell.
- Put in inventory, set price, unspoil
- Put food into the display
- Select "Enable Restock Craftable" - pedestal interaction
Now the food will be restocked from buy mode. You don't have to run this bakery.

Future plans:
- Check how the "Deliciously Indulgent Bakery" sets food price and how it disables the spoilage just by adding the food onto the shelve and then integrate this functionality into the mod.
- Animations for paying while at the register. (I'm thinking the animation for paying a bouncer might work here, but I'll have to check)
- A thought process when sims buy an item. Now sims just buy too eagerly. I like how it was done in TS2, but lets see can manage to code something similar.

The Savy Seller's Collection was an almost OK set but not really what I was hoping for. So, I present to you the "The Savvier Seller Store Mod"

There is a lot of text here but there is no way I could say this in fewer words. So please bear with me

Spacerox for the name
Sandy for the restock items.
And the person who made the pose I used for the intro pic. When I remember where I got it from I'll update this.

Making other shelves work with this mod
Sandy from around the sim did a splendid tutorial . You can follow her tutorial to edit these objects to work with other shelves. The only changes is the strings you copy to the OBJK. Here are the ones for this mod

This mod is a test version
The reason I'm calling this a test version is because there are so many items in TS3 that require custom code for restocking and sometimes even buying and I know I have missed some. So until I'm sure I've covered all of them I'm calling this a test version

Before you install

- You do need the original set for this to work.
- You need university (uni didn't show up on the EP list when uploading this item here but you still need it)
- You need to be patched to the max
- I don't have ITF so selling any items from that EP is an experiment you have to make on your own.

Tutorial Video: here

- You can sell more than just buy mode objects
- Objects need to be restocked.
- Customer's will pay at the register
- I removed the check sales records because doesn't work the way EA coded it and thus make them invalid.

What you can and cannot buy
You can basically buy anything. The problem comes when restocking because everything outside buy mode needs it's own custom code.

What you can buy safely
- Anything from buy mode
- Items made in the inventing bench.
- Ingredients/Herbs
- Gems/Metals
- Nectar/Food/Books/Wild flowers/Insects

Items that I know cause trouble:
- Fish. Restocking fish in any ways is troublesome. So don't use this mod to open a fish store. Also, no matter what fish you put on the pedetal looks the same, this is EA's doing.
- Minor pets.
- Bee wax
- Snacks from the fridge.
- Alchemy potions. These work if restocking from the inventory, but not if restocked by buy mode.
- Potions made by the chemistry set. These seemed to work ok except they have no price so I'll have to do something about this.

I'm sure there are many items I don't even remember exit until somebody mentions them. So if you find items that don't work, please tell me, I'll collect a list and try to fix as many of them as I can.

Restocking is not an autonomous interaction. You can make any sim you control click on the object and select restock.
If you have a register on the lot and a clerck hired, they will restock autonomoulsy. The restock animation is from the uni aptitude test. So you need uni to use this mod.

- When an object from the inventory category is bought (food, inventions, nectar...) the item is replaced by a restock item. There are two restock items, one for shelves, one for the rug.

- When an item from the buy category is bought, the item is not replaced by a restock item. Instead the buyer gets a cloned object and the owner is charged for restocking.
The reason why buy objects are not replaced with a restock object is that when the restock object is created, the object saves the pattern data of the original object. So when the object is restocked, it can be casted. But, if you have a restock object of a buy category object, you save and exit your game and then come back. The pattern data I saved is lost. Until I figure out how to fix this, I decided to go with this version.

There are two different ways to use this mod.
The flea market version:
In this version all you need is one rug/shelve/pedestal, a sim and objects you want to sell. All the rug/shelve/pedestal have the option to set the owner so you select your sim as the owner of this rug put the items on your rug and start selling.

This is basically what I did with Katrina when she needed money so she started selling items from her inventory

The store version
In this version you set up a real store. Instead setting the owner for the rug, you link the rug to a register. Then you set the owner for the register. You can also set the register name so if you have multiple registers on the lot, you know which one you are linking to.
The reason I decided to make it this way is so that you can now have multiple sims own shops on the same lot. The lot owner is not taken into consideration in this mod.

In the picture above I have a general store, a grocery store and Katrina's shop all on one lot. But Katrina is only charged for restocking of items in her shop, and gets profit sold in her shop only.

The objects
- Set Owner: Who gets profit, and is charged for restocking.
- Link to Regitster: Which register this object is linked to
//Please not that you can either have the owner or the register linked, if you select one the other is reset and vice versa.
- Enable/Disable Restock Buy Mode: are items in buy mode restocked. I made this option so if your sim has a garage sale, the couch is not restocked after it's bought. Buy default this is true.
- Enable/Disable Restock Craftable: Are inventory items restocked from buy mode. By default inventory items are always restocked from the store's inventory (the store's inventory is in the cash register). If this is Disabled, your rug needs to be linked to a register and you have to have the same item in your register's inventory. If this is true, items are restocked from buy mode. I made this so if my sim has a store that sells inventions, he doesn't have to spend all this time inventing but can have a life. Or maybe your sim wants to start a grocery strore but doesn't want to grow the items.
- Set Cooldown Period: After sims who are not in the active household buy something. They will get a moodlet of new things and they can't buy again until it's gone. This is so customer's are paced and one man doesn't buy everything. By default this is 60 minutes.

- Set markup: EA's set markup interaction
- Set One Day Sale: EA set sale interaction

- Buy: Gives you a list of all items you can buy.

//Global settings
- Toggle Buy When Active: If this is true sims only buy from the shop of the active household. Active sims can buy from any shop. The reason for this is that if your sim sells items from the inventory, and you play another sim by the time your other sim gets to the shop it might be out of stock because everybody else in town bought the items. Default true.
- Send Home After Purchase:[b] Are inactive sims sent home after they buy.

Please note these two global settings need to be edited through S3PE if you want to change the value permanently. To do that open the package
and edit the values in the xml called

The reason I added the possibilty to also set them in game even though they are not permanent is if you want in some situations to have these setting differently for certain situations only.


- Set Name: Set name for this register.
- Set Owner: Set owner for this register
- Set Serving Price: How much does one plate of food cost. Default 25§.
- Open Inventory: Open's the store's inventory.

- UnSpoil: All food in the store's inventory is marked as unspoiled and the price for the food is calculated. If you put new food for sale but have enabled restocking craftable items. Put the food in the inventory, click Unspoil and put the food on the pedestal to sell. You only need to do this for the first foods. When food is restocked from "buy mode", it is marked as unspoiled and price is calculated. If are selling food from the store's inventory, you need to click unspoil every time new food is added there.

- Hire Clerck: Hires a clerck of your choosing
- Fire Clerck: Fires the clerck.
- Set Working hours: Set hours for you shop.
- Tend Register: Your active Sim can be the clerck.
- Cancel tending: If you select to tend the register manually. You need to select this interaction to cancel working. Just cancelling the interaction will not work because tending the register has it's own custom posture and you can't exit that just by canceling it.

- Pay for items: Pay for the items you bought.

Things to note
- The Store Clerck: The store clerck tends the register. If there are customers to round up, that is her priority one job. Her priority two job is restocking and priority three is just walking around the store.

- Paying for items: I didn't like how sims didn't use the register to pay so I changed this. If your sim is not the active sim and he buys, he will automatically go and pay. If he's the active sim, you can manually choose when to go and pay. Sims in inactive households will be sent home after paying, sims in active household will not. If the clerk is too busy and 2 h passes and the customer gets no chance to pay. They will just leave without paying. There is no penalty for this. The items are already in the sim's inventory, the shop just looses money.

- Paying is linked to the register. If sims buy from a pedestal linked to register1 they will pay to register 1.
- If you want to hire extra staff, just add new registers and don't link any pedestals to them. Then these clerks will just walk around and restock.
- Clercks restock items in the room the register is and any item that is linked to their register. So if you have a store with some items outside, they will restock those too.

- Sims sometimes have trouble restocking items from a higher shelves, so I suggest you keep those for decorations, and only use the lower shelves for buy objects.

- The setting interaction shows up on the items. It shouldn't. Just ignore it.
- The buy interaction doesn't show up on items all the time, but they do show up when you click on the rug/pedestal/shelve itself and sims can still buy.
- Restocking alchemy potions from buy mode doesn't work.
- Not all items restock back to their original state when restocking from buy mode. For example I sold a gold bar, but it got restocked to it's original state of raw gold. Works well if restocked from inventory.
- When doing the video I noticed the "link to register" UI is messed up, but it works so I'll fix it for next update.
- Objects are not always restocked in the right position.
- Selling alchemy potions don't count toward the Career experience.

Future plans:
- Fix the bugs that I know about and you find
- Add more items to the sellable list, I'd love to have a snack shop for example
- Two of the interactions have no animations. Paying at the register and leaving without paying. I just didn't find anything I could use in these. I hate the register animation EA has in it's own registers that's why I didn't want to add those.
- Add shifts to the register so one sim doesn't have to tend the store from dawn till dusk. But I'm not adding this until everything else is ok.