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Pottery Barn Cynthia Bedroom

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Uploaded: 14th Mar 2010 at 9:21 PM
Updated: 11th Apr 2010 at 3:02 AM
I've updated with a set for base game. I messed up my archive files so the original ones required Pets. The Base one does NOT have the FT bookcase in the archive. If you have anything after Pets that one will work for you anyway.

This bedroom set was requested and inspired by the Cynthia Pottery Barn set. It has taken me over a month to finally get this done, but in the end I think it was worth all the screaming and cussing over the mapping.

This set has 6 meshes total, and I have used the Master/Slave method for this entire set. The main mesh is the double bed, and the frame/wood portions of all other meshes are slaved to this. For the fabric of the cushion and headboards, these are slaved to Jonesi's Bed Blanket.
A note about the padded headboards - these are not attached to the bed but placeable separately. They are designed to fit perfectly in place when placing normally or with the M&G quarter tile cheat, if you have AL then they will also move up/down.

Master Mesh
  • Double Bed
  • Jonesi Bed Blanket - Separate zip in case you don't have this

Slave Meshes
  • Bench
  • Bookcase - Books are slaved to the Base game Value Bookcase
  • End Table
  • Dresser
  • Single Bed

  • The bookcase that is cleverly designed as an open cabinet has 4 added slots.
  • The end table has two slots
  • The dresser has 2 slots that sit on top of each other. Weirdness with the route that I haven't pinned down yet.

The default color is the dark mahogany. You will notice the single bed has a white recolor and I have included this as well.

This -is- the low poly version. Yes when I first started it was actually much higher. I changed the drawer handles to reduce them by about half. Also those curvy legs are adding alot to the polys. The beds are not too bad, they are lower than some Maxis beds, but the polys for the one tile objects is a bit on the high side. But I was trying to match an existing design. Only you can know if your computer can handle higher poly meshes, but realistically your not going to be placing multiples of each item on a lot.

Polygon Counts:
Bench - 276
Bookcase - 1914
Double Bed - 2804 (bedding same as Maxis)
Single Bed - 2804
Dresser - 1780
End Table - 1752
Padded Headboard - 124

ScreenShot Stuff:
Blue/Green Walls - Aura interior (reflect at MTS)
White wood walls - Lilymayrose at Simcastic
Light wood floor - Sims in Paris
White wood floor - loco (can be found at Sims Cave)
Large white windows - tbudgett at MTS
Tulip Painting - Mesh by me here, recolor by amythestfenix at my site
Valances - Jonesi bedding match by me at my site
Curtains - Holy Simoly recolor by amythestfenix at my site
Rug - Echo (white) & nengi (pink)
Lamps - buggybooz
Bedding recolors by amythestfenix at my site

I've no idea who the rest is by...