'California Contemporary' 3 bed house with office & bonus room

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Uploaded: 21st Jun 2010 at 4:09 PM

Contemporary home based on this house at houseplans.com.
I built a version of this house for my Sims 2 game and it was one of my favorite homes, so I decided to make one for Sims 3. One thing I had to change was the gate in front: it should be a a security gate like the ones we had in the Sims 2 AL ep. There is no similar door in Sims 3, and none of the fence gates really looked right, so I went with an archway instead.
Burglar alarm is place on the wall inside that arch, so your security needs are covered.

This house has 3 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. The master bedroom is on the first floor and opens on the pool deck. The other two bedrooms are on the second floor. One is furnished with a single bed, and the other has both a single bed and crib. There is also a half bath on both floors, one on the first floor near the garage and another on the second floor next to the laundry room.

Large great room has a fireplace, widescreen wall TV, and opens onto the pool deck. A small bonus room opens from beneath the stairs. I furnished it with exercise equipment but it could easily be changed into a room for sculpture or invention bench. The tattoo station will fit in that room, but the stylist set up will not.

Second floor has a large family/game room with additional TV with game console, foosball table, and lots of toys for kids. The second floor also features an office space which opens onto a balcony overlooking the pool deck. There is a laundry room on the second floor, and hampers in each bedroom. If you don't like the laundry feature, the laundry room could easily be merged with the half bath next to it to make a full size bathroom instead.

Garage has one parking space plus two bike racks. There is also a parking space on the drive way. There is an enclosed patio in the front and a pool deck on the side of the house.

I've listed HELS as a requirement, but I only used one HELS item, a planter box on the front patio, so you should be able to use this house without HELS.

Custom Content used but not included:

Free from the EA store:
Golden Woman of Prosperity painting

By Inge Jones at SimLogical:
Contemporary Build Set
I used the Privacy window and Full Height window only

From MTS:

By orangemittens:
Versatile Glass Shelving
Versatile Shelving

By Huge Lunatic:
Country Windows
Backless Showers

by Plasticbox:
Simple Kitchen
Little Sister Crib

By cmomoney:
Shelf Clutter Pack

By Flabiliki:
Half Walls
Porch Fence

Lot size is 20x40. There are no lots of that size in any of the premade neighborhoods, so you will need to place a space in Edit Town mode to add this lot. I leveled the terrain before building, so you should be able to place this lot on any level 20x40 space you can create.

Furnished: 140,950
Unfurnished: 83,459

Lot Size: 2x4
Lot Price: 140,950