NCI - ''The Superman'' Poster Wall Hangings

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Now your Sims can begin a character poster collection, starting with the one and only Action Comic character, Superman!

6 great posters for hanging on walls of you Sim's bedroom, in game rooms, or theatres. Flying poses made possible by SynapticSim's flying pose boxes. These posters also come with the covetted (lol) Certificate Of Authenticity so that your Sim knows they're getting value for their buck!

These posters show up in the decoratives/wall hangings section of the Buy Mode catalogue. The main download is the MESH file for reference. Every other file is a recolor of said MESH. Poster numbers are as seen below for reference when downloading the files.

Custom Content needs to be activated to show up, of course. Simply place in the usual Download folder, and you'll be on your way! No refund on downloads! Bytes only! LOL. Enjoy.

These movie-like poster recolors are available from the Decorative -> Wall Hangings section. Each poster is priced at $100. This $90 price in the pictures attached is from the community lot's owner, who has discounts on the objects he buys.

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Style: Modern Not Applicable
Room: Living Study
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

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