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Gabe - A Lab/Boxer Mix

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Uploaded: 28th Nov 2011 at 11:40 PM
Lab/boxer mixes, sometimes known as boxadors, are great family dogs. They combine great traits from both of the breeds they are combined with. Labradors are often thought of as non-aggressive working dogs that are good with children. Boxers, while hyper, tend to be wary around strangers, preferring his family to new people. The mix of these two breeds is often considered a great guard dog for a family with children. Info found here about the breed.

You're not gonna eat that, are you?

I personally have a lab/boxer mix named Gabe. We have had him for a little over 2 years and he is a perfect pet. Energetic and playful, he can keep himself entertained for long hours but loves nothing more than to cuddle under the covers with his favorite humans. He is skittish when meeting new people, but is not aggressive and tends to warm up quickly to people we invite into our home. Loyal to a tee, he hears when we come home and waits at the door to greet us like a long lost friend, even if we just went to check the mail.

Obviously, this simmified version is based on my own Gabe, however, he is a common representation of the breed both in shape (long, boxer legs, lab shaped head) and color. He can be found in the dogs --> adult category and is loyal, skittish, and playful. I hope he will find a good home with your family, preferably one where he is allowed on the furniture and is treated like a member of the family. At 65lbs, he still thinks he is a lap dog and loves giving kisses!