Nate Bernstein, Art Critic

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Nate has always loved art, regardless of the medium. Sculpture, paintings, photography, mimes, (Ok, maybe not mimes, they kinda creep him out) Nate has an opinion about it all, and he isn't shy about letting people know about it. He spent years struggling to make a name for himself as an Artist, but to pay the bills he took a job with a small independent magazine as a critic. Though his paycheck was small, he quickly realized that galleries loved to throw parties, and that meant free food, free wine, and loads of pretentious people who loved to hang on his every word. Able to work a crowd like no other, he soon gained a reputation as someone who thought himself quite the expert. His greatest wish is to have galleries quake in fear at the mere mention of his name.

Nate is perfectly suited for the new Art Appraiser job that comes with University. He would also do well as a self-employed painter. He has no problem letting artists know what he doesn't like...

Nate is an Adult Sim, so look in that Age category in the bin.

Avant Garde

His hair and some clothing are from Late Night. All other clothing is Base Game.

CC List

This Sim is packaged with a custom default skin from Navetsea's Blog "Sexy" version.

This sim was also made with Master Controller installed, with slider range set at 3. Altering his looks without a slider range hack installed will snap him back to default ranges. This shouldn't be too much of an issue, as his facial build doesn't go to extreme levels, but just be aware.

Facial Hair by CreatureFear
Groomed and Styled Eyebrows by Nandonalt
Nose Contour "blush" version by Arisuka
Natural Lipcolor by Arisuka
Subtle Wrinkles "Age Detail" version by Arisuka

Custom Sliders

Jaw and Chin Width Sliders by ahmad (bella3lek4 of MTS)
Nose Depth Slider by Nik Sim