Sean Murphy

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Sean is a third-generation descendant of Irish immigrants. His family settled in snoozy Appaloosa Plains, but horses didn't really agree with him, so once he hit 18 he blew town, and joined the military. While there he developed an interest in martial disciplines, but now that his tour of duty is done, he is looking for a place to settle, preferably one that has a hot nightlife with a cool club. Some cute boys wouldn't hurt, either.

Sean has the athletic trait, so he would make an excellent Sports star, or perhaps the Law or Firefighter career. He also has the Disciplined trait, but if you don't have WA, simply replace that with the trait of your choice.

Although he is pictured with clothing that comes with Late Night, he is packaged with base game clothing.

He is listed as needing both Ambitions and Supernatural, but these are both optional. I only included those listing because his hair is an Ambitions hair, and he uses (very sparingly) the dark eye circles makeup from Supernatural, for some added depth. If you don't have either pack, it won't change his looks too much.

This sim is packaged with a Default skin, from Navetsea's blog, "Sexy" version.

He was also made with Master Controller slider hacks, set to 3. If you don't have an increased range hack, changing his looks will snap him back to default ranges.

Brow Depth Slider by awtmk. This was used very sparingly, so if you don't have or want this slider, things won't change much.
Sidechops Defaults by Robokitty
Eyebrows, Nose Contour Makeup(eyeliner version), Face Contour Makeup (blush version), and Natural Lipcolor, all by Arisuka.