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Simmerhoff Palace

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Uploaded: 17th Jul 2013 at 1:19 AM
This property has handsome staircases both inside and out. Large reception or entertainment rooms, patios and balconies. Place for your desk in the den close to main entrance. There are 4 - 5 bedrooms depending on how you like to furnish. The nursery is located conveniently next to kitchen. Place for also a breakfast table in the kitchen. Pool and room for gym or hobby tables in the basement. Huge waterfountain in the front and a beautiful garden. You'd better hire a gardener to keep your sims happy.

Only wallpaper and floor cc to enhance the style of the building.

Playtested for one sim day and the lot is very playable. This lot can easily be converted to a community lot, in case your neighborhood is in need of a public library or art museum. Do whatever you like with it

Lot Size: 4x5
Lot Price: 179303

Custom Content by Me:
- Part 2: Blue (for children's room) by Suhina-Lempi @MTS
- Flowery wallpaper by Suhina-Lempi @MTS
- Simmerhoff Blue bathroom tiles by Suhina-Lempi@MTS
- Simmerhoff bathroom tiles by Suhina-Lempi@MTS
- Soft linen panelling and beige wallpaper with white trimmings by Suhina-Lempi @MTS
- Blue bathroom wall tile by suhina-Lempi@MTS
- Basic wooden floors by Suhina-Lempi @MTS
- Simmerhoff Kitchen floor by Suhina-Lempi @MTS
- Basic wooden floors by Suhina-Lempi @MTS
- Simmerhoff Blue and Gold bathroom tiles By Suhina-Lempi @MTS
- Floors by Suhina-Lempi @MTS
- Simmerhoff Bedroom Carpet by Suhina-Lempi @MTS
- Parquette floors by Suhina-Lempi @MTS
- Basic wooden floors by Suhina-Lempi @MTS

Additional Credits:
All TS2 textures and recolors are by me. I'd like to thank the original artists who have made the real world floors and wallpaper patterns I've used. I don't know who they are, but I've taken images from free sites, the decorative parquets just bits and pieces, and "gimped" them together to suit the Sims2 game. Thank you also to all the nice boys and girls of GIMP for making it available for us for free. And thank you MTS, of course.