New Career: Cinema Industry

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Uploaded: 2nd Dec 2013 at 10:13 PM
Updated: 3rd Dec 2013 at 12:29 AM
I wanted to create this career before I ever made my film making major. This major is cloned from the Sims2 Freetime "Entertainment Career".

The Cinema Industry career functions nearly the same as the Entertainment career. There are minor differences within the both of the careers. When your sim is starting out in this career, he/she will be an intern. There will be no income while being an intern.

Below are the the job levels, wages, and hours that you and your sims can look forward to.

1. Intern- As an intern, you will have a long way to go before you are on top of the game. Although you will not get paid financially, you will be paid with experience of the Cinema industry.

2. Make up Artist- As a make up designer, your job is to make sure all actors are looking acceptable for the camera.

3. Prop Setter- The life of a Prop setter can be fun and challenging. Your job consists of following the orders of the prop director. Everything must be just right for the show.

4. Prop Director- The Director makes the calls. Your call is to make sure the background settings and atmosphere of the set is what the director is looking for.

5. Script Writer- Script Writing is an important art that gives everyone the idea of how movie could be set, produced, and directed. It will take your creativity to decide whether or not your idea is accepted.

6. Commercial Director- As a commercial director, you call the shots when it comes to creating an entertaining commercial that will not bore viewers during commercial break.

7. Assistant Director- Your experience has led you into being a trustworthy Assistant Director. You come in as the general when it all goes down to directing a potential box office movie.

8. B Movie Producer- You now have what it takes to at least be a producer for movies that could be potential box office material. Your job is to make sure that the director's orders are going well and according to plan.

9. Movie Actor- Being a movie actor in your own movies will give you a different perspective of what it is to be like as the person on screen at the end of the day. Respect for your art will fall into your hands when it comes to fans and other members of the Cinema Industry.

10. Stage Director- In your journey, you have crossed many barriers with your creativity and experience. You are playing with the big boys as you continue to to be the head of some of the most popular films in your time. People all over the world honor and cherish your talent as a Stage Director.

This Career will be quite challenging for your sims if they have not build on their skills. There will be a lot of Charisma, Creativity, Body, and Mechanical skills that must be obtained to succeed in this career. The Reward for this career will be the same as the career for the entertainment career. When playing this career, you will stumble upon opportunities for my flare Challenges which are the chance cards. All of the challenges won't necessarily deal with the job itself. Some of the challenges will involve your sim being greeted by a mysterious person who will offer your sim a gift or a curse.

Additional Credits: SimPE and Adobe Photoshop.