(UPDATE: 7-JUL-2016) Ingredient Moodlets From Meals + More Filling Kelp & Fish Meals For Mermaids

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Uploaded: 20th Feb 2014 at 5:51 PM
Updated: 6th Jul 2016 at 4:41 PM - Mod Update

To users of the Reheat Food In Microwave mod it is recommended to download the most recently updated version as well

7-JUL-2016: If you are also using the Reheat Food In Microwave mod please download its latest version as well or the following feature will not apply
  • Sims will no longer go for leftovers in the fridge if another sim is currently cooking a group meal on the lot
  • Sims with Arsil's Japanese Culture trait will eat with chopsticks instead of forks if you have World Adventures
28-MAR-2016: Sims in China or with the hidden Asian Culture trait will no longer use chopsticks when eating desserts.

Now possible for Vampires eating meals cooked with Plasma Fruit to gain the "Sated" or "Sanguine Snack" moodlets previously only possible when eating raw Plasma Fruit.

Mod Description

This is a script mod which replaces the default interaction sims use to eat meals with a custom version with various tweaks. Mainly
  • allows sims to gain effects and moodlets from the ingredients used in cooked meals AND nectar which normally they wouldn't unless they ate those ingredients raw.
  • makes meals cooked with kelp and/or fish more filling for mermaids (By default, mermaids only gain a quarter of the hunger a meal regularly provides since they are meant to only be satisfied by raw fish and kelp)
as well as other features you can read about below in the More Features section.

Stu Surprise made with Life Fruit and Garlic

Ingredient Moodlets and Effects

When a sim eats a cooked meal, the mod will check the ingredients used in the dish and grant the sim eating the following benefits and moodlets previously only given if the ingredients were eaten raw.

Ingredient (requirements)Moodlets/Effect (requirements)
AppleIncreases chance of conceiving a boy (Pregnant Sims only)
WatermelonIncreases chance of conceiving a girl (Pregnant Sims only)
GarlicGarlic Breath (chance of getting it depends on how much of the meal is made of Garlic) Vampires: Nauseous or Knocked Out
Flame FruitWarm Fuzzies
Life FruitLifespan increased.
Plasma Fruit (Late Night)Vampires: Sated (minimum ingredient quality: Very Nice) / Sanguine Snack (minimum ingredient quality: Outstanding). Non-vampires: Nauseous
Ghost Chilli (Supernatural)Spicy / Too Spicy (ingredient quality below Nice)
Cocoa (Bohemian Garden store set)Chocolate Chuckles (Late Night + at least Normal ingredient quality) / Chocolate Bliss (Chocolate Fountain from the store + at least Excellent ingredient quality)
All Herbs and Coffee Beans (University Life)Corresponding moodlets/effects. The more herbs used the higher the chance of Herb Nausea which cancels out any of their positive effects.
ANY ingredient of your choice (see below for instructions)ANY moodlet of your choice
  • Spoiled food will give NO effects except those from Garlic, Ghost Chili and herbs.
  • The effects will stack, so if say a pregnant sim was eating Stu Surprise made with Apple and Flame Fruit, both effects are gained. The exception being Garlic and Plasma Fruit for Vampires - Garlic will prevent them from receiving the Plasma Fruit moodlets.
  • If more than one of the same ingredient was used, the effect is only applied once. For Plasma Fruit and Cocoa, the moodlet given depends on the ingredient of highest quality (For Ghost Chili, the lowest instead).
  • Moodlet duration and strength depend on how much of the meal was eaten (and are reduced further still if the food came from a Resort Buffet Table since sims will continuously grab food from them).
  • Drinking nectar made from any of these ingredients will also provide their effects depending on the percentage of the ingredient used in the nectar. (Note: the Life Fruit and Flame Fruit effects are already coded into the game for nectar so this mod won't add them. Note that the effects of these 2 fruits only apply if the nectar was made by sim with max nectar making skill and if their percentages are above a certain number)
  • Eating Flame Fruit, Ghost Chilli, and any of the extra ingredients raw will also provide the above effects.

In addition you can add any ingredient(s) you would like the mod to take account for and set a moodlet of your choice to give sims eating a meal cooked with that ingredient.

How Mermaid Hunger is Effected

Yes, that's a mermaid in the picture (just realized now that I should have made her eat standing to show her legs at least *facepalm*)
For meals cooked either with kelp or fish from the sea, mermaids stand to gain between 75%~100% of the hunger usually gained by normal sims instead of the default 25%.

With this mod installed, when a Mermaid eats a serving of food, the mod will check the following:

More Features

This mod also modifies the way sims autonomously choose what foods to eat if given a choice.
  • Non-vampires should no longer autonomously choose to eat meals cooked with Plasma Fruit, unless they are literally starving to death and desperate for food.
  • Mermaids are more likely to choose to eat a serving of food cooked with kelp or fish over one that wasn't.
  • Pyromaniacs will prefer foods cooked with flame fruit or have the flaming effect, while mummies will avoid them.

In addition:
  • Pyromaniacs also also gain some fun and energy from eating flaming foods.
  • Ever realize that ice cream popsicles from sources other than the ice cream truck (summoned by genies, from the food synthesizer etc) come in plates forcing sims to eat them using forks? This mod will force sims to pick up such popsicles from their plates and eat them normally instead.
  • Sims will no longer go for leftovers in the fridge if another sim is currently cooking a group meal on the lot
  • Sims will no longer use chopsticks when eating desserts in China or if they have either the hidden Asian/Japanese Culture traits.
  • Sims with Arsil's Japanese Culture trait will eat with chopsticks instead of forks if you have World Adventures

End Notes

Built on Patch 1.63. Should work on patches 1.63 and up

No expansions required, but you will obviously only see the effects for the ingredients available in the base game and the EPs you have installed. Mermaids of course come with IP, but even without that expansion you can still use this mod for it's other benefits.

Since this is a script mod it will not conflict with tuning mods. It will read values from tuning mods like the food multiplier value for mermaids from the OccultMermaid XML for example. If you are also using a mod that changes the value of that multiplier, this mod will just apply the higher one between the modified value and its own calculated one.

Uninstalling: Since the mod replace the eating interaction for sims, you'll have to make sure there are no sims eating in your world at the moment of saving to remove the mod safely (resetting the world using NRaas Master Controller before saving is probably the only practical way). Otherwise, it's hard to say if your save file will load safely without the mod, but NRaas ErrorTrap should be able to catch and reset sims still eating and allow the save to load in that case.

Also have an extra mod that prevents mermaids from eating raw non-sea fish
Mermaids Cannot Eat Non-Sea Fish Raw