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Log Home Accessory Set

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Uploaded: 16th Mar 2014 at 1:14 AM
Updated: 16th Mar 2014 at 4:42 AM - Added the channel and other info.
I love log homes. While the log cabin wallpaper EA provided is pretty detailed, it's just not detailed enough for me. I want the 3D look.

Included is:

Set of 3 Log Ends
A. Full Wall Size ( 16 log count )
B. Upper Wall Half ( 9 log count)
C. Single Stackable Log ( 1 log count )

Log Column

Log Viga

Hold down the ALT button for perfect placement. Depending on where you are putting these items you might need to use "moveObjects on". When moving the Single Log End that is stacked, remember to move the bottom log in order to move the whole stack. You can also choose how far they stick out of the wall depending on how much of a 3D look you want.

For this home I put the Single Log End under the windows. Stacked as high as needed.

The Log Vigas are a good accent for Adobe or Southwestern style homes, as well.

All items found under Sculptures, except the Log column which is under Columns. All items have one color channel. All items are Base Game, however, the pattern I used is from Late Night. If you don't have Late Night then a different pattern may show. Naturally, these items look best with a wood pattern.

Windows are from TSR Here: http://www.thesimsresource.com/arti...ims3/id/922233/

Polygon Counts:
Full Wall Log End §70
High LOD v: 528 f:292
Med LOD v: 512 f:228

Half Wall Log End §40
High LOD v: 304 f:173
Med LOD v: 288 f:416

Single Log End §5
High LOD v: 48 f: 37
Med LOD v: 32 f: 18

Log Column §70
v: 230
f: 156

Log Viga §5
v: 48
f: 79

Additional Credits:
Made with TSRW, GIMP, & Wings3D